NET1 Integrated Payment Processing Software

Simplify payment processing with a solution that directly integrates into your ECI software. NET1 integrated payment processing saves you time, reduces costly data entry errors, provides enhanced security, and increases your business cash flow.

NET1 Integrated Payment Processing Solution

Handle business payments easily and affordably

Improve the way you manage payments. Our integrated card and automatic clearing house (ACH) solutions provide quick, efficient payment processing—usually at a significantly lower cost than other payment providers.

Save Time and Money With NET1's Payment Processing Solution

Eliminate repetitive tasks and manual mistakes

Increase productivity and accuracy with an integrated solution that automates payments and billing, removing liabilities associated with data entry errors and disjointed systems.

NET1 Payment Software Solutions

Reduce business costs and liability

Secure sensitive customer and business information with a solution that encrypts and protects data in the NET1 payments vault. Tokenized payments keep sensitive data safe and out of unwanted hands and minimize PCI compliance costs and effort.

NET1 is a Top-Rated Integrated Payment Processing Solution

Improve cash flow

Get paid on time using NET1 to automatically post payments to accounts receivable or your general ledger. NET1 payment processing allows businesses to accept card and ACH payments directly from their ERP, accounting software, or shopping cart solution.


How does NET1 work?

Payments are taken through your website or over the phone and keyed into your ECI ERP solution. Point-of-sale card processing is also available if face-to-face service is common, with fast responses and approvals. Certain features and capabilities may vary depending on your ECI solution. Check with your account manager to see if NET1 will work for you.

Is NET1 available as a stand-alone and an ECI integrated solution?

Yes, NET1 may be used with retail, back office, ecommerce, and restaurant applications as well as within the ECI Advantage, DDMS, DDMSPLUS, Deacom, e-automate, M1, Macola, JobBOSS, JobBOSS2, Red Falcon, RockSolid POS, RockSolid MAX, Spruce and TeamDesign software products. Certain capabilities and features may vary depending on your program. Contact your account manager for details.

How does NET1 work with my ECI software?

With a NET1 integration to your ECI software, once you process a transaction, it automatically integrates with the NET1 system. You can find the processed transactions on the NET1 gateway which means you don’t have to reconcile manually. Certain capabilities and features may vary depending on your program. Contact your account manager for details.

What are the integration benefits?

• Credit funds back to a card from a processed ECI ERP solution accounts receivable invoice.

• Accept credit card or ACH payments directly from a sales order or accounts receivable invoice.

• Automatically create the appropriate payment and credit information in your ECI ERP solution.

• Reduces your business liability by storing and securing sensitive payment card information offsite in NET1’s credit card vault.

• Hassle free! No installation or constant updates to perform.

What is PCI compliance?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment; essentially, this applies to any merchant that has a merchant ID (MID).

How does NET1 ensure data security?

NET1 offers real-time fraud control AVS, CVV, and CVV2 at no additional cost. Point-to-point/end-to-end encryption with tokenization ensures customer card data doesn’t go through your network or ECI’s.

Can I process both credit/debit cards and checks with NET1?

Yes. In addition to credit and debit card processing, NET1 offers Electronic Check Services which moves payments electronically from your customer's checking account to your NET1 Merchant Account. NET1 Electronic Check Services is a true Automated Clearing House (ACH) product that requires no double entry or back-end check printing. It works like a paper check, without the additional costs and time delays. NET1 Electronic Check Services processes payments and displays real-time reports from any internet-enabled PC, providing convenient access away from the office.


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“NET1 saved us at least 35% a month on bank and credit card fees compared to what we had been paying. And our month-end reconciliations became so much easier.”

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