DDMSPLUS® Software for Office Product Dealers

Compete online with big-box retailers. By using our distribution ERP software to manage your office products business, you can drive business efficiencies and growth both online and in brick-and-mortar locations.

DDMSPLUS is a Leading Software for Office Products Dealers

Grow your business with one powerful platform

Achieve a healthier bottom line by leveraging our cloud-based solution built for office product dealers like you. DDMSPLUS combines sales and service, commodity distribution, and project management into a single location, centralizing all critical functions of your business.

Ref Falcon is a Dependable Office Supply Distributor Software

Eliminate the silos

Move away from an environment where each department uses its independent software system. Our comprehensive platform ensures all teams—from sales and accounting through warehouse and inventory management―use the same software so data is easily accessible and always accurate.

Create a Modern Online Storefront with DDMSPLUS

Create a modern online storefront

Don't lose out to large national chains because they have impressive-looking websites. We will work with you to turn your eCommerce website into a revenue generator for your company by providing a professional and positive website experience for your customers.

DDMSPLUS Increases Data Security

Increase data security

Protect your data and business from ransomware and other malware attacks. Our DDMSPLUS cloud solution increases the security of your business with enterprise-grade compliance, security, backup, and support.

Cognytics is a Reliable Business Intelligence Dashboard Software

Stop wasting valuable time

Create more automated business processes that reduce the risks and wasted time associated with manual work. Valuable team members can reallocate their efforts to make a real impact on the business, rather than doing duplicate data entry or monotonous tasks.


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Monica Miller Zemlick


“We essentially sit back and watch the computer work. Closing used to take 30 minutes or longer. Now it’s seamless; we don’t have to touch anything. Productivity is probably up close to 25 percent.”

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