DDMSPLUS® Software for Distribution

Increase sales without increasing costs. With an ERP and ecommerce platform, you can sell business supplies online and through brick-and-mortar. Our single easy-to-use solution centralizes all critical functions of your business.

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Achieve a healthier bottom, from order to invoice

Leverage our cloud-based solution built for dealers like you. Increase efficiency so you can reallocate efforts to serve customers better and expand into new markets.

Take control of your margins

  • Manage customer and product pricing, including contracts, discounts, variable margin pricing, and more
  • Extend price and contract changes automatically to the integrated web storefront
  • Upgrade to the industry’s most advanced pricing tool and get the maximum margin on every sale
Create a Modern Online Storefront with DDMSPLUS

Create your modern online storefront

  • Curate a revenue generating website with a modern user interface that competes with large national chains
  • Customize layout and pricing for B2B personalization that drives loyalty
  • Streamline ordering and keep products and pricing up to date with integrations from major vendors

Access, manage, and analyze your data

  • Move away from software systems that don’t talk to each other and get a central repository
  • Make decisions based on accurate, real-time data to fuel growth
  • Get a 360° view of company operations to understand the profitability of customers, products, contracts, groups, and employees
Reduce Manual Labor with DDMSPLUS Business Intelligence Features

Reduce manual labor

  • Stop re-keying – save time and labor with single point data entry
  • Integrate and automate various financial processes, decreasing the risk of errors
  • Create and send POs to wholesalers, buying groups, and manufacturers based on your purchasing rules
Top Trends Report for Product Dealers and Resellers in 2023

2023 Top Trends Report

Check out top trends impacting business product dealers and resellers, as well as how to use them to your advantage.

Zemlick.com Drives Productivity and Online Sales by 20% with DDMSPLUS }

DDMSPLUS drives productivity and online sales

Zemlick.com, office supply dealer, has experienced close to a 20% increase in online sales and 25% productivity increase since implementing DDMSPLUS.

Andy Richter found he could raise margins without losing customer using DDMSPLUS }

How Richter Total Office grew gross profit

Andy Richter, Vice President of Richter Total Office, found he could raise margins without losing customers with Margin Accelerator.

Walkers Office increased contracts and continues to maintain more profitable margins }

Walkers Office saw profitability amid inflation

Walkers Office increased contracts by several basis points in 60 days and continues to maintain more profitable margins than before inflation hit.


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Monica Miller Zemlick


“We essentially sit back and watch the computer work. Closing used to take 30 minutes or longer. Now it’s seamless; we don’t have to touch anything. Productivity is probably up close to 25 percent.”

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