Give your purchasing department the right tools

Accurate purchasing is the backbone of residential construction efficiency, especially in the current market. MarkSystems Material Purchasing gives builders’ purchasing departments the tools needed to create accurate work and purchase orders.

Purchasing and Estimating

Get the automation and control you need

Automated purchase orders combine base house and option selections by looking directly at each accepted sales agreement and associated selection addendums, exactly as specified by sales.

Detailed work orders

Each work order detail line provides all available construction-related information including detailed scope of work and option descriptions with individual option costs, colors, styles, and locations

Accurate cost and profitability for every option

MarkSystems is the ONLY procurement management software system that accurately maintains cost and profitability for every option sold throughout the building cycle. Each PO has the most current supplier pricing available.

Share common vendor files across companies

Set up project-specific preferences for each vendor and maintain vendor prices for all items, giving purchasing agents and estimators the tools they need to compare prices and histories to select the best value.

Maintain unlimited pricing history

The Material Purchasing module can maintain fixed-price contracts with unlimited pricing history and without hindering database access or report processing speed, giving you the ability to identify pricing trends and react quickly.

Easy approval process

Using cloud-based technology, variance POs with user-defined approval hierarchy, and payment approval process complete with audit trail assure transparency in purchasing to get you paid faster.

Generate estimates in multiple ways

With MarkSystems, estimates can be generated to suit each individual home builder's need and the type of home being built. Data for estimates can be imported and historical data can be used to generate an estimate in seconds.

Import bid worksheets

Bid worksheets and supplier price lists can be imported into MarkSystems through a simple copy/paste feature. By leveraging a single system, your product level master budgets are automatically updated so the system always knows exact costs.

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