Maximize your M1 manufacturing software with powerful integrations to help your company accelerate even further. Learn about the different platforms and choose the best solutions for your business.

Improve your machine utilization by up to 15-20%

Alora is the machine intelligence platform that works with any machine regardless of age, manufacturer, or current connectivity—even old presses and punches.

M1 has connected with the best in the business

Utilize your QuickBooks account software and integrate without issues or delay

The seamless integration between M1 and QuickBooks Online helps you save time, avoid duplication of efforts, and eliminate manual data entry to ensure the accuracy of your invoices and billing records.

Increase accuracy of engineering design with CADLink software by QBuild

Reduce manual data entry by integrating and synchronizing your CAD data with CADLink software by QBuild. A two-way link between your CAD and M1 eliminates the need for exporting or importing your data files.

Conduct easy online payment processing with NET1

Online credit card processing is the most effective and economical way to process payments with Tiers 1–3 solutions. NET1 customers can typically save $50–$300 per month when they switch.

Automate Sales Tax Compliance with Avalara

Navigate rapidly changing rates and rules with Avalara, the advanced tax software that seamlessly integrates with M1.

Stay in control with intelligent alerts and automation

KnowledgeSync ITL Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) watches over all your business activities, providing real-time insight (and automated responses) to critical issues and opportunities.

Utilize reports with confidence using Spreadsheet Server

Insight Software Spreadsheet Server is a Microsoft Excel integration that ties in with your M1 database. Get started quickly with an extensive catalog of pre-built templates and reports.

Grow your business quickly with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

An EDI integration eliminates the errors and inefficiencies of manually processing your customer's orders by electronically exchanging purchase orders, advance shipping notifications, invoices, and more.

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