Easy, Flexible, and Secure Payment Processing

Lower your card and ACH processing costs with our feature-rich NET1 payment solution that seamlessly integrates within your existing ECI business management software.

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Cut your processing costs

Secure business from small to large corporations with affordable, Level 3 capable data processing. Level 3 processing can dramatically drop your base interchange rate for business-to-business and business-to-government transactions. The results can be a one percent difference in costs, significantly impacting your bottom line.

NET1 Integrated Payment Processing Solution

Grow your business with a virtual terminal

Expand your business with more card and ACH processing options and improve efficiency with a virtual terminal. NET1’s virtual terminal allows you to process a card without being present. It includes easy-to-access transaction history, acceptance of all major credit and debit cards, online invoicing, and web payments.

Save Time and Money With NET1's Payment Processing Solution

Allow faster, safer, contactless payments

Give your customers more options to pay using RFID technology. This capability enables customers to use chip credit and debit cards, key fobs, smart cards, and other devices without swiping, entering a personal identification number, or signing for the transaction.

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Integrate with ECI Software



Boland’s Ace Hardware

“We went from trying to decipher a 30-page credit card statement every month with our old provider to just four pages with NET1. NET1’s fees weren’t only a whole lot lower; they were also so much easier to understand.”

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