Easy-to-Use Business Intelligence Dashboard Software

No more scouring for metrics. Quickly see the story your business data tells you with one centralized analytics hub and make faster, fact-based decisions.

Simplify complex data analysis

Now more than ever, data is the key to effective decision-making. Cognytics embeds into your existing ERP software and connects key datasets to deliver powerful dashboards.

Cognytics is a Reliable Business Intelligence Dashboard Software

Do away with fragmented business information

Get your data from one source of truth. Searching data can lead down a rabbit hole of wasted time, effort, and money. Our business intelligence (BI) dashboards are seamlessly embedded within your core ECI software, so you don’t have to jump from platform to platform for critical metrics reporting.

Cognytics BI Solution Turns Disparate Information into Actionable Insights

Turn disparate information into actionable insights

Simplify the analysis process and maximize the impact of your choices. In today’s world of big data, visualization tools are essential to analyze massive sets of information and make smart decisions. Cognytics dashboards provide your people with instant insights into the applications they use most.

Cognytics is a Top-Rated Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution

Benefit from industry-specific functionality

Uncover hidden trends about how your business is performing and get detailed comparisons within your unique industry. Our business intelligence platform, powered by Cognytics, is uniquely tailored to each industry vertical that we serve.

Cognytics Persona Sales Managers

Gain enterprise-level insight for your business

Leverage powerful, affordable business intelligenceno matter your size. BI systems are no longer exclusive to enterprise businesses. Our BI platform gives you access to world-class dashboards, analytics, data visualizations, and insights to help you compete and thrive.


Operations Manager, Fischer & Frichtel Custom Homes, LLC

“Cognytics allows our management team to easily use data to make strategic decisions to improve operations. The dashboards have been a game-changer.”

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