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Control resources, reduce the cost of manufacturing and achieve sustainable growth.

Lower manufacturing costs while improving performance.

MAX® ERP provides the control and visibility you need to drive sustainable and scalable growth and empowers your employees with the tools they need to stay agile and productive from anywhere.

MAX Features
Product & Planning Control

Improve Production Accuracy

Track Your Production Planning with Ease

From the manufacturing processes you use in your shop to the critical information you must keep organized while managing your material through a subcontractor, MAX ERP offers production planning and control tools that enhance productivity and accuracy throughout the entire production process.

Material Management

Inventory Visibility Increases Accuracy

Control the Flow of Materials with Ease

The constant ebb and flow of the materials you need to build products require administration from many views. MAX Materials Management modules help you control the purchase, delivery, and tracking of materials in the most efficient manner possible.

Sales & Customer Service

Exceed Customer Expectations

Sales Team Success Enablement Tools

Enter sales orders, ship and invoice products, satisfy customer inquiries immediately, and ensure your sales team knows what’s happening with each order.

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Improve the Quality of Products

Efficiently Manage Your Engineering Processes

MAX ERP provides secure and structured tools that work together to translate the dynamic, unpredictable nature of your business to the tightly controlled environment of your shop floor.

Track cost variances for material costs, labor costs, and purchase costs by a part, order number, or by work center, to quickly compare actual prices with planned costs.

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Business Activity Monitoring

Your Invisible Business Assistant

Intelligent Alerts to Keep Your Business Flowing

Powerful business activity tools monitor, alert and manage your critical business activities.

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Information Technology

Take MAX Anywhere

Improve Flexibility and Scalability

With MAX’s browser-based access to ERP, we call MAX Anywhere; you can complete mobile sales, materials, and shop floor transactions from any device with an internet connection. MAX Anywhere gives you the competitive advantage of taking your order to build and order to ship processes with you on the go.

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Streamline Business Processes

Advanced Forecast - an excellent timesaver for companies that rely on forecasts for planning, Advanced Forecast provides a flexible, easy-to-use method for maintaining forecasts in MAX.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - MAX uses EDI to execute inbound and outbound transaction processing to and from the MAX system. Now you can conduct B2B e-commerce with your suppliers and customers efficiently and without the headaches and the errors of working manually through trading partner portals.

Feature/Option Configurator - simplify building and configuring products with Feature Option Configurator. Define features and options for any configurable part in your inventory to match specific customer requirements, making your operation more flexible and helping to increase customer satisfaction.

Request for Quote (RFQ) - streamline the RFQ process by automatically generating RFQs from Quotes, BOMs, Planned Orders, and an annual review of the MAX Part Vendor Data. This new tool will help you keep your costs current, get the best prices from your suppliers, and select the right vendor for the job while reducing your purchasing time and effort.

Visual Shop Scheduler - eliminate manual production planning with MAX Visual Shop Scheduler. Without leaving the ERP environment, your planners and schedulers will be able to more accurately evaluate and apply real-world work center conditions to balance production limitations with customer demand for the product.

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Reporting and Analysis

Business Insights You Can Trust

MAX Dashboard - provides executives, managers, and users with graphical indicators to monitor critical business performance measures. It includes five pre‐built dashboards for executives, sales, inventory control, purchasing, and production control. Each dashboard contains multiple graph objects that can be used to quickly compare results and export data to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Excel Analytics - enables you to simplify your reporting process and achieve the business insight you need while eliminating the need to write unique reports. It comes standard with 52 “out-of-the-box” pivot tables that can be easily redesigned in seconds to quickly report on your MAX data and create views that tie to your key performance indicators.

Transaction Viewer - provides a real-time display of MAX transaction activity. It shows detailed transactions as well as summaries of value shipped, produced, and added to inventory or WIP.

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Tax and Finance

Gain Financial Advantage

Advanced Commissions - a flexible and comprehensive tool that simplifies the commission payment process. Commissions can be calculated for invoices generated or for payments received based on information posted in Dynamics GP along with the sales transaction details in MAX. For each sales transaction, users can edit the salesperson, commission rate, and commission split. The payables transaction is automatically created in GP. This tool is a must-have for companies that have numerous salespeople or a complicated commission process.

MAX Toolbar for Dynamics GP - stay on top of your finances and enjoy faster research with MAX Toolbar. Accessed from within Dynamics GP, this tool makes it possible for Dynamics GP users to get access to everything they need from MAX, including relevant A/R, A/P, and G/L details, without leaving GP.

Tax Coordinator - a flexible method for making sure that tax codes are correct for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It interfaces with tax rate data from ADP and will apply the codes to MAX sales order to help ensure that all applicable taxes are accurately invoiced.

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Shop Floor Control

Data Collection - the total integration of MAX with bar code data collection capabilities gives you optimal control of shop and material transactions from receiving to shipping. Data Collection for MAX supports shop floor, inventory, and labor and shipping transactions with real-time validation and processing against the MAX database using either fixed mount or radio frequency (RF) devices.

LabMan - an interface to MAX Labor Data for easy viewing and maintenance organized by the supervisor. Shifts and scheduled breaks can be defined and automatically inserted. Labor records can be audited and fixed based on rules for attendance grace periods to be able to provide clean data for payroll.

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Productivity Enhancers

Improve Business Productivity

Advanced Transaction Security - allows the security of transactions to be restricted for certain stockrooms or locations. Clients with ITAR and other compliance needs will find this tool very useful.

BOM Loader - will load parts, BOMs, manufacturers' parts, and BOM notes from spreadsheets. This tool can be used to load thousands of records quickly.

MAX ID Changer - offers methods for changing Part IDs, Customer IDs, and Vendor IDs. Data integrity is maintained by changing all related tables to the new ID.

Part Cloner - gives the ability to clone all of the data from an existing part, including Part Notes, Product Structure, Part Sales, Price Breaks, BOM Notes, Routing, Routing Notes, Part Vendor and Manufacturers Parts. This tool can save a lot of time when creating new parts that are similar to existing parts.

SuperZap - provides a method for removing parts, customers, and vendors that MAX usually would not allow. All data referencing the selected IDs are removed.

SO Connector - adds a flexible method for loading quotes and sales orders into MAX from an external source. It uses the standard MAX ETL schema to load orders coming in from web stores or other external sources for orders.

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For over 35 years MAX ERP software has been empowering manufacturers worldwide to achieve sustainable growth.

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MAX ERP helps growing manufacturers control their resources with an easy-to-use solution that reduces the cost of manufacturing, automates manufacturing compliance, and improves profitability, all while enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

Through seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP® and Intuit QuickBooks®, MAX offers the power of integrated ERP and boasts a particularly strong footprint with manufacturers that must maintain compliance with government or industry regulations, manages recalls and control, and document product revisions and engineering changes.

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