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How To Determine Your ERP Needs

In this guidebook, we provide a guide for understanding your ERP functionality options and determining your business’ unique needs.

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Plan And Build Your ERP Budget

In this ebook, we’ll look at key considerations involved in planning and building an ERP budget.

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Discovery Call Success

This guide will prepare you for the discovery process, from pre-call research, to what you should accomplish on each call



Increase Margins And Maintain Loyalty

Learn how focusing on price leads to lost profits, and where you should concentrate instead in order to recapture the profits you have been sacrificing.

Cloud based computing

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Cloud-Based Computing

Cloud-based computing can save you money and worry when it comes to data accessibility and security.

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Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Learn about ransomware and discover who holds businesses’ data for ransom, why they do it, what steps you can take to help protect your business.

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10 Steps to Choosing the Right ERP for Your Business

Here are 10 best practices to help you pick the best ERP solution for your business needs and ensure a successful implementation.

How do you compete in a digital world


How Do Businesses Compete In A Digital World?

It’s now more important than ever to deliver on customers’ digital needs and ecommerce trends. What is your business doing to stay competitive?

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5 Steps to Easier ERP Implementations

By following some fundamental concepts, companies can make their technology investment pay off with little disruption to the business. Read on to learn 5 steps to faster, easier ERP implementation.

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Quiz: Is Your Business Data Protected

Find out how much risk you might be carrying, download our five question Data Security Quiz.

Cloud Computing


Moving To The Cloud Is Important And Easier Than You Think

If you are considering upgrading technology or your servers are getting old, slow, out-of-date, or no longer being supported, for the sake of your long-term success and security, you need to consider the benefits of a cloud-based solution.

What You Need to Know Before an ERP Investment


Stop Wasting Your Employees’ Valuable Time

There are many ways that a fully integrated business software system can help you accomplish more with your current workforce, taking low-value or redundant tasks off their plates.

Moving to the cloud


ECI Cloud ROI Calculator

Use the calculator below to determine how much you’re spending on IT and how much you could save by switching to a cloud-based solution.

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