NET1 for Office Technology Dealers

Accept secure payments directly within your ECI business management software. NET1 integrates with e-automate so you can process a range of customer, vendor, and other business transactions.

Integrated payment processing software

Accept a variety of payment types at an affordable merchant rate

Process your day-to-day business transactions directly through e-automate at a very competitive rate when compared to other payments software providers offer.

Ensure payment security for your business, vendors, and customers

Be confident in the security behind your payment processing. NET1 uses data encryption and tokenization, and AVS/CVV validation.

Eliminate repetitive, manual, error-prone data entry to accept payments

Automate payments and billing directly through e-automate to increase productivity and accuracy. This removes risks associated with sharing and manually entering sensitive financial information.

More features

Enjoy NET1 features like credit sales, returns, void payments, level 2 and 3 processing support, card tokenization, and AVS and CVV validation.

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