Core Features

Uplift your sales team, connect your business, and improve profits with features that will help to accelerate your business in a short amount of time with the M1 manufacturing software solution.

Ensure visibility into your shop floor with production management

Optimize inventory to improve your bottom line

Scheduling helps improve production efficiencies and speed up decision making

With precise reporting, utilize M1’s shipping management to move goods on time.

Improve your business in every aspect

Make more informed decisions with an MRP

The Manufacturing Resource Planner (MRP) tool has several features to help you run and organize your business along with a Material Requirement Planner (MRP) to keep track of supply and demand.

Maintain conformance and improve efficiency with quality management

Automate and customize your requirements for inspection, analyze quality data and trends, and review improvements so your bottom line and reputation are not negatively impacted.

Manage finances in one integrated system

Integrate finances, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, fixed assets register, and credit card processing into one secure system and benefit from a general ledger module.

Make your software work for you with Design Studio

You can add new fields, change any input form, move objects around, and customize any report. The search grids can also be changed to show the information in different ways. The power is in your hands.


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Hydro-Dyne Engineering

“Information is great, but only when you can mine it and convert it into actions and decisions and that’s what M1 does for us.”

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