MarkSystems Home Building Project Management Software Schedules & Tracks Progress

Residential Construction Project Management

Real-time access from anywhere

Running a construction project has never been easier

MarkSystems® Internet ToolKit™ (ITK) is a fully integrated, cloud-based project management program created specifically for home building. It helps you manage your construction projects and subcontractors by providing instantaneous, real-time updates that flow directly from sales to production. Team members, subcontractors, and homebuyers alike can access pertinent information on their mobile phones or tablets. All information is consistent across the project and up to date!


Selection, purchasing, distributing, and scheduling information flow directly from sales, and can lower costs and eliminate 80% of variances

Increased sales & satisfaction

Capture prospect information to help improve communication with home buyers, homeowners, and trade associates

Instant communication

Any changes made to a schedule or order are available immediately through the standard web interface or ITK, in the office, or in the field

Remote access

Everyone on the project can access updated information in the field so you know what has been received, when it was checked, and by whom

Wide device compatibility

Access information through any internet-enabled mobile digital device and many notebook computers

Improved construction quality

QA checklists are built directly into the schedules to ensure the job is done right the first time; this eliminates field errors and callbacks

Wonderland Homes uses ITK to manage relationships and projects with trade partners


ITK project management ensures you sell only what you can build, and build only what you can sell

ITK Superintendents And Construction Managers  

Superintendent Portal

Real-time access from anywhere

ITK for superintendents and construction managers

Work with Trade Partners More Efficiently

ITK links directly to your existing website and creates dynamic, personalized dashboards for each field employee. From their dashboards, superintendents and managers can review Job Starts and Change Orders, request VPOs, revise schedules, and more in real-time.

Accessing information directly from MarkSystems, ITK provides access to:

  • Job starts
  • Change orders
  • Work orders and purchase orders
  • Quality checklists
  • Plans and construction documents
  • Variance purchase orders
  • Warranty schedules and service orders

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ITK Trade Subcontractors And Suppliers  

Trade Subcontractors and Suppliers Portal

Streamline operations

ITK for trade associates, subcontractors, and suppliers

Access needed information on your site through personalized dashboards

Since much of the information accumulated in MarkSystems is crucial for construction projects, trade associates, subcontractors, and suppliers also have personalized access to the system through the Internet ToolKit on their own dashboard.

The ITK portal allows these parties to streamline their operations by:

  • Viewing real-time scheduling across all jobs/communities
  • Instantly accessing purchasing documents
  • Seeing payment approvals and check details
  • Managing warranty service and scheduling
  • Tracking quality inspections and improving scores
  • Instantly viewing and downloading all job documents
  • Planning sets and markups
  • Reviewing job starts with selection detail, specifications, scopes of work, and more

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ITK Homebuyers And Homeowners  

Homebuyer and Homeowner Portal

Improve communication and customer service

ITK for homeowners and homebuyers

Keep home buyers and home owners informed

With ITK, homebuyers and homeowners can each have their own unique dashboard, showing purchased and available options, construction status, sales and customer service links, “last mile” and post-closing sales information—virtually anything you wish to include.

The Warranty portal also lets you stay engaged with your customers after the sale and keep on top of the trade associates providing warranty service. Successful builders know that efficient customer service after closing is the best way to maintain good referral sources.

With the ITK you can give home buyers access to any relevant information including:

  • All accepted and available selections
  • Construction status
  • Direct email link to sales
  • Sales documents
  • Progress photos

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ITK Sales And Design Staff  

Sales Office and Design Center

Improve customer experience

ITK sales and design center staff

Manage selections and improve customer experience

Your staff can walk the design center or model home while capturing customer selections directly on any internet-enabled device! All selections and pricing are accurate in real-time from your purchasing department. When a color or material are not offered on a specific elevation or are no longer in stock, they simply disappear from the system. The best part is, all selections are immediately available in MarkSystems for contract review and completion.

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ITK Prospect Registration  

Prospect Registration

Capture homebuyer information

ITK for prospect registration

Simplify the registration process

With 75% of new homebuyers using the internet as an initial search tool, your ability to find and track online prospects is crucial. The ITK lets you integrate prospect information directly into the system as soon as the prospect shows interest. ITK Prospect Registration captures not just name and contact information, but any demographic information you’ve selected.

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Since implementing MarkSystems, our superintendents have realized three additional hours of productivity per day. Those with tablets feel like they’ve gained closer to five hours per day!

Director of Operations, Raush Coleman Homes