JumpTrack Proof of Delivery Software

JumpTrack® Proof-of-Delivery (POD) system speeds up the delivery process by helping dealers plan, capture, and track deliveries.

JumpTrack is a Proof of Delivery Software that Improves Efficiency

Increase accuracy, reduce costs, and improve efficiency

Get the tools to improve your processes and see a ROI in as little as one month. Our mobile friendly solution can help you reduce fuel costs, minimize driver errors, and save valuable time with route optimization.

JumpTrack POD Software Maximizes Efficiency

Gain real-time visibility into product delivery

  • Rely on a single point of contact for information on your entire delivery operations
  • Quickly provide customers with POD and status updates
  • See POD in seconds after the deliver is made 
  • Reduce inquiries and improve customer satisfaction
JumpTrack Delivery Service Software Helps Your Realize Your ROI

Stop relying on paper signatures

  • Easily capture POD with digital signature-capture capabilities
  • Eliminate the need for large amounts of paper with mobile scanning
  • Eliminate risks associated with manual data entry
JumpTrack Never Lose Money On Deliveries

Never lose money on deliveries

  • Know what your trucks are doing with GPS tracking
  • Identify where you are making and losing money on delivery services
  • Drive efficiency and accountability amongst the fleet
JumpTrack Remove Headaches from Planning

Remove the headaches of planning

  • Plan your routes using the fewest miles and shortest amount of time possible to make all deliveries with our Optimization Engine
  • Streamline the manifesting process, reducing paperwork, and manual processes
  • Give drivers the ability to efficiently planned routes that honor delivery windows
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Accelerate fleet efficiency with mobile POD tools 

Learn how mobile POD tools can save you a significant amount of money while immediately improving productivity.

JumpTrack Success Story with A Z Office Resource }

JumpTrack customer success story: A-Z Office Resource

With JumpTrack, A-Z Office Resource is able to monitor branches closely and to identify where they are making and losing money on all deliveries.


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A-Z Office Resource

“I can go into JumpTrack and see how many deliveries any of our branches had on a particular day down to the smallest details.”

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