Project Management

Rather than a one-size-fits-all product, BuildTools is a proven construction project management software for custom builders and remodelers. Now, you can organize the chaos of construction, keeping all your project information—budgeting, scheduling, communication, and documents—in one place.

Painless bid solicitation and analysis

Keep track of scheduling

Reduce errors and increase profitability

Tools That Work the Way You Do

Stay on top of every little detail

The need to manage selections in one place that is accessible to the client, designer, and construction team is vital. BuildTools enables clients to easily approve online selections, change orders, and more.

Complete the job on time and on budget

Keeping track of tasks with BuildTools is a simple way to maintain transparency across your company. Team members can easily see what needs to be done, when it is due, and who is responsible.

Know what’s happening on your job sites

Keep tabs on what is happening on your job sites in real-time and make better decisions for scheduling based on information learned from the past.

Manage plans and collaborate on ideas

BuildTools provides a simple system for drawing management. Users can easily view drawings and revisions, ensuring everyone has the information they need.

Streamline warranty and post-construction work

Automatically issue notifications to contractors when and where work is to be completed. Enable your clients to request service work and provide detailed photos for your team to review.

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