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ECI Software Solutions is a global software solutions company specializing in technology and software solutions and services for a diverse group of entrepreneurs in the manufacturing, building & construction, field service, and distribution vertical markets. We focus on end-to-end technology solutions for SMBs like yours that enable you to compete, grow, and profit.

Vertical markets we serve

Building & Construction

ECi's Building & Construction Division consists of two groups, LBM & Hardlines, and Residential Home Construction. For more than 30 years, ECi's LBM and Hardlines software have helped independent hardware store and lumberyard owners enter the marketplace and compete against large home centers. Since it was first released in 1983, our software suite specific to the Residential Home Construction industry has increased homebuilders' profitability by reducing construction costs, shortening construction schedules, increasing sales, improving productivity, enhancing communication and satisfying customers. 

LBM & Hardlines

Complete back-office-to-inventory-to-POS systems that bring all business functions together in one software 

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Residential Home Construction

Manage development, home building and business operations with a single, unified system

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ECi offers distribution software solutions to support the unique needs of SMBs and independent enterprises that provide office products and office/contract furniture. Our customers range from web-only shop owners to complex companies that provide products and services in multiple verticals. 

Field Service

ECi's field service solutions benefit a wide range of industries including office, banking, mailing, and two-way communications. Our solutions help service organizations better manage and unify complex processes and disparate departments. When using ECi's ERP solutions, processes such as contract management, accounting, service dispatch, monitoring, inventory, and purchasing are simplified. The result is improved efficiency, a healthier, bottom line, and easier scalability. 



We provide small- and medium-sized manufacturers with a full suite of flexible and configurable cloud-based ERP software systems that provide complete visibility into, and control of, their business operations, enabling them for growth.

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Latest News

ECI voltooit overname van Trivest Beheer B.V.

ECI Software Solutions, leider in cloudgebaseerde bedrijfsmanagementoplossingen, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het de overname van het in Nederland gevestigde Trivest Beheer BV heeft voltooid. Trivest is een leverancier van verticale softwareoplossingen voor de MKB-industrie sector. ECI kondigde op 13 augustus...

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