Sales Center

Insearch has been proven to increase option sales with exclusive option prices and mortgage calculators. Your buyers can view options and monthly payment amounts.

Create impactful sales tools

Scroll through floor plans

Our plan flipper allows prospects to scroll through all floor plan types for a quick visual of the individual unit details. Clients can customize floor plan offers before they buy.

Interactive splash screens

Splash screens allow users to seamlessly touch or click any of the interactive buttons. Buyers can choose how to explore their options, choose their lot, and save their designs.

View interactive floor plans

Insearch also offers reverse floor plans. Furniture can be added to the floor plan and toggled on and off with a click of a button. Insearch allows users to add lender application forms, take 3D virtual tours, view galleries, on your interactive floor plan page.

Save time and money with mortgage calculator

The mortgage calculator allows the buyer to see their mortgage paired with different payment options per plan. Pricing previews are also available when selecting options or elevations that affect the pricing.

Customize with interior and exterior configurators

The configurator allows users to preview paint color, surface changes, and more with just a click of a button. Configure exterior paint colors and materials all in one place.

Look before you buy

Our custom amenity map allows your buyers to look around the immediate area of your community to view what schools, parks, restaurants, etc. are nearby.

One-stop-shop dashboard

The dashboard screen shows analytics such as traffic channels, floor plan views, and lot statuses. It aids users in navigating to other pages such as site plans, pricing, etc.

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