Hardware Inventory Management Software

Affordable and easy-to-use point of sale system that helps modernize your business so you can get more done.

Depend on software that works as hard as you do

If you are working with outdated POS software or manual processes, upgrade your technology with RockSolid MAX® point-of-sale software to get more done. Our cloud-based solution provides a lower initial investment, reduced hardware requirements, and automatic backups, so you can securely manage your home and building supply business from anywhere.

RockSolid MAX Hardware POS

Update and improve your business

Still struggling with outdated, generic, or completely manual systems? Our advanced, industry-specific technology improves efficiency but is still affordable for even the smallest hardware store. Designed by industry professionals, RockSolid MAX supports more than 4,000 home and building supply businesses like you.

Go paperless and improve productivity

Bogged down by manual and "paper-heavy" processes? Our POS system has built-in document management functionality. This minimizes physical paperwork and gives employees instant access to important information with drill-down capabilities.

Boost performance with the help of advanced reporting

It isn’t easy to track business performance and monitor key performance metrics. RockSolid MAX enables you to analyze reports and review dashboards without spreadsheets or specialized software. Simplify tedious month or year-end reporting with built-in and custom summaries.

RockSolid MAX-A Trusted Hardware Inventory Management Software

Work from anywhere

Help customers and manage your business even when you are not physically at the store or office. Our software keeps you connected with access to up-to-date company information from anywhere to improve efficiency and your quality of life.

Save time and reduce IT resources

A lack of IT resources can put your business at risk. Our cloud-based POS will improve your data protection and reduce strain on IT resources. We provide robust security with data hosted offsite, protecting it from natural disasters, power failures, fire, theft, ransomware, and other crippling viruses. With RockSolid MAX, your data is automatically backed up, and disaster recovery plans are always in place.


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Ravenna Lumber Bryan Patterson 150x150

Ravenna Lumber

“RockSolid MAX is easy to run; it gives us everything we need, and the price is right. You really can’t ask for any more than that!”
Patti H Fruitland Hardware

Fruitland Hardware

“Before we switched, it would probably take me 8–10 hours every week to input my order. From day one with RockSolid MAX, I could do that in less than 5 minutes. Moving shaved 10 hours a week off my work time right there!”

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