Communication is the cornerstone of any successful construction company. BuildTools allows for seamless communication from any module for a unified inbox. Your entire project team’s communication is stored together and archived for as long as you need it.

Share documents with anyone

BuildTools Project Poster is an industry first. Distribute documents in the field instantly and simplify communication. No downloading, login, or training needed.

Keep everyone in the loop

Keep documents in one place, under one project

In the field or behind a desk, your team can view and upload job-related files from anywhere. BuildTools empowers you to control permissions and share capabilities with clients and subcontractors.

A front row seat to every job site

Custom building and remodeling projects are exciting for your clients. Progress updates and photos are a great way to keep homeowners involved and engaged throughout the construction process.

Stay on top of changes

It only takes one mistake to see your profit margin evaporate. With BuildTools, you can easily create and approve change orders online, create accountability, and eliminate painful closings.

Track every detail

The need to manage selections in one place that is accessible to the client, designer, and construction team is vital. BuildTools enables clients to approve change orders and selections.

No more misunderstandings—record and share meeting information

Avoid confusion, minimize conflicts and miscommunication in the field or with clients with meeting minutes.

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