Customer Portal

ProLink on-demand customer portal is a solution for home and building supply businesses that want to strengthen their relationship with contract accounts while improving efficiency by reducing incoming calls related to common inquiries.

Access your on-demand customer portal

Take your business anywhere

The AnyWare mobile app is an extension of your RockSolid MAX system. Use it to create customer orders, access business information, compile purchase orders, and view documents.

Process front counter sales in an emergency

POS Assured is an offline option that allows you to process emergency front counter sale transactions and print receipts when access to your cloud-based system is unavailable.

Protect your customers' credit card information

With integrated credit card processing, you eliminate the potential for discrepancies between your merchant totals and data in your system—no need to rekey credit card sales into your business system.

Create in-house promotional signage

Easy Signage automatically pulls sale prices from your system making it easy to create promotional signs that you print in-house.

Easily set up and bill installment accounts

The RockSolid MAX Rent to Own feature will help you gain new long-term customers by giving them the freedom to “pay as they go” on more expensive purchases.

Ecommerce and integrated product data management (PIM) solution

eCommonSense is an industry-specific ecommerce that helps you provide a positive online shopping experience that rivals big box retailers.

Create your own rewards program

RewardsPlus allows you to enhance customer loyalty and grow sales by rewarding purchases with points! These points can then be used as a payment method or exported to a spreadsheet.

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