Go from pricing chaos to controlled margins

Created by industry experts, our solution helps dealers easily import supplier-agnostic consumer pricing, to maintain Gross Profit (GP) on every product. Measure prices against competitors and use five matrixes to adapt quickly.

Stay competitive

Measure your day-to-day selling prices against the competitive landscape to ensure you are neither too high nor too low against your competition; both “big-box” stores and online marketplaces like Amazon.

DIST DDMSPLUS Stay Competitive With Margin Accelerator

Increase margins and maintain customer loyalty

Protect your profitability and adjust selling prices to align with ever-changing supplier costs to maintain your Gross Profit (GP) on every product.

DIST Margin Accelerator Boost Gross Profits

Boost gross profits with custom pricing

Tailor pricing and promotions to specific customers’ needs and incentivize them to increase average order value, monthly orders, loyalty, and even customer lifetime value.

DIST Margin Accelerator Ensure Youre Making Profit

Ensure you're always making a profit

Use profit and price data to quickly change your price models. Walker’s Office increased contracts by several basis points in the first 60 days with Margin Accelerator and maintained more profitable margins than before inflation hit.

Industry experts

Create customized pricing matrixes

Renowned industry expert Tom Buxton from the InterBizGroup, considers Margin Accelerator to be a game-changing service for business product dealers as it protects them from volatile supplier cost changes and allows for granular pricing.

What's in it for you?

Customized consumer pricing created by industry experts with years of pricing knowledge. You can easily import custom consumer pricing into your business systems. Gain access to wholesaler/supplier agnostic and non-merchandised. Your pricing is solely built on the dealer's item costs. Adjust and maintain pricing easily with five matrixes. Schedule your free pricing consultation.

Fine-tune pricing strategies

Using the multi-level pricing model, you can move clients up and down the "GP Ladder" to quickly meet your company's and customers' needs.

Improve profitability with expert help

Together, we will examine your P/L statements, margin trends, and customer loyalty indicators to help decide what actions need to be taken to improve your company’s overall profitability.


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