All-in-one eCommerce and Business Management Solution

Empower your business with a fully integrated, all-in-one business management and ecommerce platform. DDMSPLUS® provides better information access, analysis, efficiencies, and more, from anywhere.

Earn new and repeat online customers

Meet your customers' needs and grow sales. You need an online platform that competes with large chains and creates a personal touch. Our DDMSPLUS ecommerce solution ensures demanding B2B customers have a great shopping experience with an intuitive website that features auto-save, specials, sales, and transactions with fewer clicks.

DDMS Purchasing

Simplify your supplier purchase orders

Improve your process for supplier orders with major office product and furniture wholesale suppliers. DDMSPLUS makes it easy for independent dealers to submit error-free orders electronically, receive digital acknowledgments, and manage complex jobs with insightful information. Built-in integrations with major wholesalers and vendors automatically connect and manage products and pricing updates.

Get quick access to business dashboards

Leverage powerful insights to make better business decisions with enhanced reporting at your fingertips. With DDMSPLUS, you can keep track of every aspect of your business with a 360-degree view of company operations and real-time business metrics. Get comprehensive management and financial reporting, and track the profitability of customers, products, contracts, groups, and employees.

DDMSPLUS Increases Data Security

Win and keep larger accounts

Attract new, larger clients and drive more sales with existing customers. Government, education, financial institutions, and other large customers commonly require punchout capabilities. With the DDMSPLUS, you can confidently provide punchout services, so companies can accurately control costs and fulfill supplier contracts.

Sales Marketing

Level up with powerful add-ons and integrations

Transform your business operations with powerful add-ons and integrations. You can build out your DDMSPLUS platform with a full suite of tools to streamline payment processing, improve proof-of-delivery efficiency, simplify inventory and ordering processes, and combine business reports from multiple sources. This is all achieved with the support of award-winning customer service.

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