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Document Management & Attachments 

Document Management capability is the heart of the system

Document Management

Document management

RockSolid MAX is built around document management functionality—it's the glue that connects each module of the software. All transactions in the software are automatically linked together, including handwritten or faxed records produced outside the system. Save time by easily accessing your customer’s quote, order, PO(s), receipt(s) and sales invoice(s). Improve communication in your organization as anyone can answer customer inquiries.

System Generated Documents

The most basic element of the RockSolid MAX Document Management system is the wide variety of documents produced by the software.  All system-generated documents are permanently saved in the system, and they each include a barcode indicating their document number for easy handwritten notetaking if it’s ever necessary. For example, the system can prompt for a number of stickers to print to a label printer when receiving inventory, allowing you to attach barcodes to the vendor’s packing slips for easy insertion into the document management system.

External Documents

Any web link or Windows file—a picture, scanned image, voice mail, saved email or webpage, PDF, spreadsheet, Word document, etc.—can be attached not only to system-generated documents but also to customers, jobs, inventory items, vendors and GL accounts by dragging and dropping the files or by browsing to them in the familiar Windows fashion. Attached files are stored in a SQL database. This allows you to remove originals from the PC or server after attachment.

A few examples of relevant attachments include:

  • Handwritten, emailed or faxed RFQs with the resulting quote
  • A photo of materials dropped at a jobsite with the resulting manifest or invoice for proof of delivery
  • A map of a customer’s new jobsite on the customer’s job record
  • Scanned vendor invoices
  • Signed legal notices
  • Voicemails

Ready to save time and improve communication?

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