ECI Releases Analytics Functionality for MarkSystems ERP

New data visualization feature to be demoed at NAHB IBS February 19-21 at the ECI booth #SU925

Fort Worth, Tex. —Thursday, February 21, 2019 ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, announced today that it has added a new cloud-based analytics and data visualization interface to its MarkSystems® ERP for residential builders and developers. With this powerful new capability, MarkSystems users will have access to real-time insights into operational data that will drive next-level efficiencies and enable them to grow their businesses faster than ever before.

Access to up-to-date data is critical to residential homebuilders’ success, as they’re tasked with monitoring metrics like project status, budgets and variances, sales goals and more daily. To alleviate the burden of manually accessing and analyzing this data, ECI has introduced this new analytics feature, which will help users draw immediate, actionable insights from their ERP system. With multiple levels of drill-down, builders are able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their data and, as a result, drive advanced operational efficiencies.

Based on input from MarkSystems users, the interactive dashboards are tailored to specifically help residential homebuilders improve business performance by offering access to high-level KPIs, such as:

  • Variance summary drill-downs so builders can quickly spot unforeseen costs and help identify solutions
  • Sales data, including number of closings over time, cancellations and tracking toward sales and closings goals
  • Construction backlog to illustrate projects currently in motion and key information about the job status

“MarkSystems ERP is already a critical component of how we operate and grow our business, and this new analytics feature is going to maximize those benefits tenfold,” said Jim French, cofounder of French Brothers Homes, a beta user of the data visualization platform. “We’ve already had the opportunity to test out the upgraded system and could not be more excited to start leveraging it in our daily operations to become a more data-driven business. The interface is interactive and visual, making it incredibly easy for us to understand how our business is performing.”

“It is essential for builders to be able to access KPIs quickly and in an interactive fashion if they want to maintain competitive advantage,” said Scott Duman, President, Residential Home Construction Group, Building & Construction Division at ECI. “Our new analytics capabilities will make this more achievable by eliminating the need for business leaders to engage IT or spend excessive time pulling data from various sources just to understand how their business is performing. Now, MarkSystems users will be armed with powerful insights that will make the most of the data their businesses already produce.”

To learn more about this new feature and to receive a live demo, visit the ECI booth #SU925 at NAHB IBS February 19-21 in Las Vegas. Otherwise, visit:

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