Automate your business to be competitive and grow

Level the competitive field with our cloud ERP software that works seamlessly with industry add-ons.

Manage margins for predictable profits

Lacking the time and resources to create and maintain multi-level end-consumer pricing matrixes? Margin Accelerator is a comprehensive margin management program that protects dealers from volatile supplier cost changes and allows for granular pricing.


Make better business decisions

For busy owners and sales leaders of a Business Solutions Dealership who needs to easily compile, navigate, and understand their ever-expanding business data, the DDMSPLUS Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards, Powered by Cognytics, deliver business analytics and insights right within their ERP software.

Improve your purchasing process

Integrate our PunchOut functionality with your eProcurement system and give your customers more control over their purchasing experience on your website. Your customers can manage their purchasing and invoicing processes with your company directly from their own business software.

Simplify payment processing and save money

With more than 100,000 merchants, ECI’s preferred payment processor, NET1, helps dealers streamline payment processing, improve customer data security, and enhance customer service.

Reduce delivery errors and costs

JumpTrack® proof-of-delivery (POD) software replaces costly paper-based systems with electronic manifest lists and signature capture. Electronic POD improves fleet efficiency by monitoring your driver’s day.

Let your customers shop from any device

The OfficeShopper™ mobile app lets your customers place orders and view product info from any mobile device, including tablets and smartphones. The app can also be used for comparison shopping within brick-and-mortar stores through barcode scanning.

Get a modern storefront design, compelling banner ads, and email templates

Ecommerce Website Design service is a personalized subscription-based program that will turn your ecommerce site into a super salesperson and generate more revenue for your company. We work with you continually to develop and maintain your site.

Get support from industry experts

Expert On-Site Total Business Review provides your dealership with a comprehensive business review with best-practice recommendations and modifications tailored to your unique needs.

How can we make it easier for you to do business?