Red Falcon integrates with QuickBooks

In a nutshell, QuickBooks® accounting software ties your e-commerce, retail orders, inventory, and financials together. You view everything within your Red Falcon® system—no switching between software is required!

As orders are placed on your site, they go through QuickBooks. Inventory levels on stocked items update, as do revenue and tax information.

Red Falcon and QuickBooks sync throughout the day. So, at any given moment, you can view real-time data on inventory levels of stocked items, revenue, and taxes.

QuickBooks also allows you to customize professional-looking invoices and email them directly from your system. Speedy invoicing combined with a professional look enhances a customer’s experience of your company. Fast invoicing results in faster payment!

Other office products dealers love Red Falcon

Red Falcon has helped many businesses grow with its unique offering of ecommerce software for office products dealers. See what success stories those customers have to share.

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