Get valuable data fast and easily

Our CXintelligence (CXi) solution, powered by Cognytics, helps reduce the time spent running reports by delivering purchasing insights that are easy to understand.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Go in-depth with dashboards

Our Executive and Sales Dashboards are embedded directly into Red Falcon and offer detailed insight into the performance of the sales team.

Access insights anywhere and anytime

Our dashboard and analytics tool is cloud-based, giving users the ability to access this important information 2/7/365, and from anywhere.

Visualize your data in an impactful way

Simplify complex data sets with visual representations of the information so you can quickly and easily see the story behind what your business data is telling you.

Get all your business data in one place

Get all your key metrics and reporting from your ECI business management solution. While other solutions require this level of reporting to be done in a separate reporting tool, ours is integrated with your ERP solution.


Case Study Red Falcon Reach Tech 2022 Resource Tile

Reach Technologies

“I enjoy the Red Falcon (Executive) Dashboard because I can see in a quick snapshot where we’re excelling and where we need to improve.”

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