Complete Ecommerce and Business Management Software

The all-in-one eCommerce and business management system for resellers/distributors of multiple product lines. Use Red Falcon to gain the insight you need to grow your resale business in brick-and-mortar locations and online.

Red Falcon Office Supplies E-Commerce Software

Take your business to the cloud

Maximize your available resources by leveraging our powerful cloud technology that allows you to scale more than on-premise environments. Our cloud solution saves you time and money to get the best possible ROI from your business management solution.

Drive customer loyalty

Stop leaving eCommerce money on the table. Our design tools provide out-of-the-box templates so you can easily design your professional eCommerce website. Promote your brand and provide your customers with the ability to manage their purchases easily, so they keep coming back.

Red Falcon Office Supplies Software Business Intelligence Dashboards

Make smart decisions with business intelligence (BI) dashboards

Reduce the time you waste pulling data from various systems to create consolidated reports. Red Falcon provides built-in CRM and business analytics functionality. With easy-to-understand visuals, you can better understand complicated data to make smart business decisions.

DIST Features Add On Solutions Office Shopper

Power up with enhanced add-ons and integrations

Equip Red Falcon with the advanced tools to streamline payment processing, improve proof-of-delivery efficiency, simplify inventory and ordering processes, and combine business reports from multiple sources.

DDMSPLUS Increases Data Security

Attract and retain larger customers with punchouts

Win new, larger clients and drive more sales with existing customers. Government, education, and financial accounts commonly require punchout capabilities. With the Red Falcon you can confidently provide punchout services, so you can accurately control costs and fulfill supplier contracts.

Image of Activity Dashboard

Empower your entire business team

Give your whole team the tools and business insights directly from within the business management software. By bringing key metrics to life and improving performance with insightful dashboards, you can be more confident in the decisions you are making.


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“Red Falcon gave us the ability to offer the functionality, searchability, and all-around ease-of-use that was just as good as the big boxes’ websites.”

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