Red Falcon® has all the features you need to run your small office supplies business

Red Falcon software is more than just an e-commerce platform to sell goods through; it is a complete business management system. Red Falcon handles the basics like inventory and accounting, but also includes a POS system for operations that include a brick-and-mortar store or warehouse, purchasing function, and pricing levels.


Accounting CRM Inventory OnlinePurchasing POS Pricing Accounting CRM Inventory OnlinePurchasing POS Pricing

Online Purchasing

Major vendors, wholesalers, & buying groups -  Fully electronic - Item file uploads

Red Falcon makes online shopping easy and repeatable for your customers so they can get in and out of your site quickly. An easy and enjoyable shopping experience creates loyal customers. How does Red Falcon give your customers the optimal purchasing environment? 

Business approvals
Your customers can easily purchase products from you and still follow their business approval process, all in one system. Administrator privileges allow up to 10 levels of approvals, access to make changes and even run reports on order history, pricing, and how often items are purchased.

Also Consider
Suggest and recommend other items your customer might be looking for as a potential upsell.

Quick Order
You can submit orders directly into the system when a customer calls or emails an order and still see competitor pricing.

Saved shopping carts
All carts are date and time stamped, so customers can reference previous carts and edit carts for a faster shopping experience. This is all easily done at the cart level, where shoppers can also add and delete items, and write product reviews.


Pricing levels - GP pricing & protection - Price file uploads - Automated contract management

Red Falcon allows you to set pricing levels for individual customers or groups of customers in several ways. The Pricing Group feature allows for “off-the-shelf” pricing structures so you don’t have to spend time on pricing items, which in turn saves on operational costs. Pricing is managed through a simple checklist, making it fast and uncomplicated.

Everything in a Price Group is designed to create a satisfactory shopping experience for a customer or customer group. The storefront, pricing, and options can be changed for each Price Group. The contracted price you have for any individual customer or customer group will supersede all other pricing so you don’t have to verify every order for accuracy.


Integrated with back office system - No rekeying of data - Fully graphical - Credit card processing

Built using the latest technology, Red Falcon offers a robust POS app. This app is fully integrated with the cash drawer, display pole, receipt printer, and UPC scanner, giving you the flexibility you need for your business. Manager and user settings allow you to limit access and require approval for certain activities, such as a price change, for example. Reporting capabilities let you run reports directly from the app without having to login to your main Red Falcon account.

Business Intelligence

Acsellerate®, the industry-leading CRM & Analytics Solution

An effective CRM helps the entire organization consistently anticipate and respond to customer needs, creating increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Acsellerate is different from other technology solutions because it combines a CRM, business analytics powered by Cognytics, and advanced reporting into one application. This powerful combination provides your organization with all the information and tools necessary to understand customer purchasing trends, manage leads in your sales pipeline, and effectively monitor sales and margin opportunities.

By linking your sales data to your sales activities, management and sales teams can efficiently prioritize initiatives and create meaningful plans to reach their goals.

Acsellerate CRM will help you improve profitability through increased customer loyalty and drive new prospects to a sale.

With Red Falcon, you automatically gain access to Acsellerate’s Analytics, CRM, Mobile, CRM My Day, Activity Dashboards, Executive Dashboards, and much more.


QuickBooks® integration

Enter information into Red Falcon only once! After that, it flows through the entire system, eliminating manual entry and reducing mistakes.

Want more from your Red Falcon office product software?

Red Falcon provides a full suite of add-ons to help you create a complete end-to-end business management system.

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