Fully integrated web store provides easy shopping for your customers

Red Falcon’s ecommerce platform is your customer-facing website. It’s what they see when they log on to your site, it’s how they interact with you. That means the website determines how your brand is perceived by the outside world. So then, does your site need to look good and perform well? You bet!

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Build an ecommerce site that promotes your brand

With Red Falcon, it’s not hard. You can build your site right out of the box using customizable templates that include themes and colors.  Or we can help you build a professional site through Web Design Services.

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  • Template 2
  • Template 3

Red Falcon’s full automation simplifies 3 components of ecommerce—item file updates, purchasing, and invoicing. 

Upload Products

Effortlessly upload products to your site—with pricing included!

The ecommerce platform is fully integrated with major wholesalers and buying groups.

We integrate you with your specific vendors so you don’t have to do the complicated work of connecting your site to facilitate electronic purchasing.

Using Order Management, you can easily upload unique products that you sell and ship from your business.

Full integration also means that product descriptions, images, and pricing automatically upload in the background with no business disruption. You are notified of which products had updates applied.

Automated purchasing - Red Falcon is your traffic cop

1-click purchasing—Red Falcon is your traffic cop

Once your customers submit their purchases from your site, the purchase orders are quickly sent to the appropriate vendors, along with shipping instructions (third-party drop ship, ship to customer, ship to you to facilitate delivery, etc.). When the vendors accept the orders, you receive electronic acknowledgments from each.

invoicing made easy

Invoicing made easy

When the vendor invoices you for products purchased by your customer, Red Falcon matches the invoice to the purchase order; all products and their prices are matched. Any items that do not match are rejected and you receive an alert. All items that do match are exported to QuickBooks. No manual input is required, which reduces frustrating errors and saves time.

Painless pricing management

Painless pricing management using Red Falcon software

Red Falcon removes the tedium of setting up custom pricing. Create pricing for individual customers or a customer group using out-of-the-box Price Group templates; the contracted price you have for any individual customer or customer group will supersede all other pricing in the system. In addition, you can customize the storefront look and options for certain customers or customer groups.

Every detail of Red Falcon ecommerce serves to give your customers a quick and satisfying shopping experience.

So, how does Red Falcon work?

  • Shopping

    Your Red Falcon shopping website is easily searchable by product name, part number, search term, and brand.

  • Repeat Customers

    Shoppers who come to your site often can utilize favorite lists or save their shopping carts transactions to make future purchasing faster and easier.

  • Checkout

    Red Falcon features a quick and easy checkout process. For repeat customers, they can simply edit a previous shopping cart.

  • Payment

    There are two ways to accept payment through Red Falcon—by account or by credit card (credit card processor required). Purchasing approval levels are available. Red Falcon is PCI compliant. 

  • Order Submission

    When an order is submitted, the customer is sent an acknowledgement and on order number. The order number becomes the invoice number, making tracking and invoicing easier. 

  • Manual Orders

    Red Falcon easily accommodates orders that are sent to you by phone, fax, or email, through the Quick Order function. 

  • Transmitted Orders

    Acknowledgement reports are sent on the status of exported orders. Fulfillment and shipping are fully automated to reduce back-ordered items and late shipments.

  • Invoicing

    Red Falcon can issue invoices directly or they can be issued through QuickBooks. Invoices are professional looking and can be customized for each customer. 

  • Happy Customers

    Your customers receive their orders, perfectly fulfilled and delivered on time. They come back for more. 

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