Automated eprocurement connection giving your customers more control of the purchasing process

Win accounts with larger businesses by giving them control over their purchasing activity on your site. PunchOut Integration is an eprocurement connection that integrates with your customer’s procurement system. This type of integration allows your customer to manage their purchasing and invoicing processes within their internal business software. PunchOut Integration can help you grow revenue by making it extremely easy for your customer to shop your site while generating approvals and purchase orders within their own system. This type of procurement is especially attractive to large businesses and so can help you win bigger accounts!

ApprovalProcess InvoicePurchaseOrder UtilizeBusinessSystem

How does PunchOut Integration work? 

Your customer builds a shopping cart on your site and submits the order. The order is passed back into your customer’s ERP system, allowing them to:

  • Use their approval process

  • Fully utilize their business system

  • Associate every order and invoice with a purchase order

Talk to a sales rep today about how PunchOut Integration can help you grow your business!

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