The best payment gateway to process credit cards online

Online credit card processing is, without a doubt, the most effective and economical way for dealers to process payments. The NET1 payment gateway provides credit card processing over the internet and usually at a substantially lower cost than other payment processors. ECi customers typically save $50-$300 per month when they switch to NET1.


Why choose NET1 credit card processing?

  • It is fully integrated with Red Falcon® business software so you don’t have to log out of Red Falcon and into NET1 to process payments and it’s a seamless transaction for your e-commerce shoppers
  • It's internet-based so: no modem or credit card machine is required, no software training is needed, POS  checkout speeds increase
  • It uses Virtual Terminals which are PCI compliant and NET1 performs all updates—you never have to download new software or perform maintenance
  • It includes direct technical support with no third party involved
  • It can process both credit card and check payments
  • It provides convenient 24-hour access to payment processing and reporting
  • It features automated recurring billing
  • It has been ECi's approved vendor since 2011

To learn more about the NET1 payment processing integration with Red Falcon, please visit the NET1 website.

Get the FAQs about the NET1 payment gateway.

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