For dealers of office supplies and similar vertical product lines

You are passionate about the products you sell and the customers you serve, but you need to remain competitive not just with the big box retailers but other small dealers, too. How do you get your business to stand out?

We built Red Falcon® software with dealers like you in mind. You need to be visible to win accounts and efficient and competitive to keep them. Red Falcon delivers on all of this with a fully integrated, customizable ecommerce solution that promotes your brand as professional and reliable. It integrates with major wholesalers and any vendor you choose, provides a streamlined back-office solution, and supports QuickBooks.

Red Falcon Software Features

Red Falcon has all the features you need to run your office supplies business

  • Accounting

  • CRM

  • Online Purchasing

  • POS

  • Pricing

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Accounting CRM Inventory OnlinePurchasing POS Pricing

Outpost: customize the website look to build your brand

Right out of the box, Red Falcon’s Outpost lets you design a website template that promotes your business and provides a platform for your customers to manage their purchasing including saved carts and favorites lists.

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OutPost: customize your website look to build a better brand

Wholesaler and vendor integrations

Red Falcon integrates with all major office product wholesalers, including S.P. Richards and Essendent, and many other vendors. It is flexible enough to accommodate any vendor with which you do business. Red Falcon automates the entire process—from item file updates to purchasing to invoicing.

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A full back office solution

Red Falcon is more than just a website; it’s a full business management system. Through the back-office solution, you can manage purchasing, customers’ orders, inventory, delivery, and accounting. Red Falcon helps you run operations smoothly and profitably!

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A full back office solution

QuickBooks® integration

Red Falcon seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks so that you can follow your orders all the way through the accounting process.

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Request a demo from one of our experts and we can help you fully evaluate if this solution fits your needs.

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