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Make it easier to do business using our complete business software solutions that are built to tackle the unique challenges of your industry.

Our business solutions help make it easier for you to do business.


Acsellerate is a powerful sales intelligence and CRM platform that helps office furniture dealers and business suppliers understand their customers and uncover new opportunities. By integrating with our existing business management system and combining CRM, alerts, reporting, and advanced analytics, you have real-time customer data right at your fingertips.


Alora provides machine intelligence (MI) dashboards to help manufacturers increase operational performance and reduce downtime using real-time data. The solution is designed for JobBOSS², M1, and Macola users, and offers real-time health and usage data from every machine on a shop floor, regardless of age. With improved visibility, machine utilization rates can increase 15% or more, giving businesses an average of $20,000 savings per machine that can go straight to their bottom line.


Bolt helps trade contractors manage all their jobs in one easy-to-use app. With software built by the trades, businesses can gain instant access to job information, control over constantly changing schedules, and insights into job profitability, helping to manage challenges more effectively.


BuildTools helps you organize the chaos and grow your custom home building and remodeling business without adding to your team. With our software, you will have the right technology in place to keep projects on time, and on budget.


Cognytics is a centralized analytics hub that provides business intelligence dashboards that make it easier and faster to make smart business decisions. This tool connects with existing ERP software to deliver instant insights into the applications you use most.


DDMSPLUS helps office product dealers compete online with big-box retailers. The cloud-based business management and ecommerce solution combines sales and service, commodity distribution, and project management into a single location, centralizing all critical functions of the business.

Deacom ERP

Deacom ERP is a comprehensive business management platform with a rich set of capabilities and extensibility designed for growing process manufacturing and distribution businesses. With all functionalities native to the core system, businesses can leverage Hyper-Tight Process Control™.


e-automate is an all-in-one business management solution built for office technology businesses. The comprehensive software provides you with great visibility into your entire operations so you can boost contract profitability, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.


Insearch is a sales and design center software that gives buyers the interactive, self-service experience they expect from builders and developers. It embeds directly into your website and works for both presales and post contract, so you only must use one software to carry buyers from prospect through nurture stages of the buying process.


eCommonSense provides a powerful ecommerce and product information management solution so those in the LBM industry can compete with big-box chains. This solution can be integrated with ERPs to automate inventory management and sales.


JobBOSS2 enables small- to medium-size business to grow using a single job shop manufacturing software solution. Businesses will gain more control over how they scale the business with real-time operational visibility to help boost revenue and maximize profitability.


JumpTrack is a proof-of-delivery and signature-capture solution that improves your fleet efficiency with real-time visibility into your driver’s day. Our solution eliminates the need for large amounts of paper with mobile scanning and digital signature-capture capabilities and helps reduce the number of trucks you have on the road.


KnowledgeSync is a business activity monitoring solution that monitors your data 24/7 for critical, time-sensitive events that require your immediate attention. It integrates with your ECI software and alerts you to events like an out-of-stock item, overdue invoice, or delayed shipment before they become a real problem.


LotVue provides home builders and land developers with the tools they need to engage and convert more home buyers online, while making it easier to manage lots efficiently.


M1 is an all-in-one business management solution built specifically for discrete manufacturers. With real-time operational visibility and centralized data management, these businesses can minimize costly mistakes and leverage more accurate scheduling and material ordering.


MarkSystems is a cloud-based, home building management software that helps manage all aspects of home construction projects with ease. By centralizing all data into one platform, users can reduce errors and eliminate redundancy.


NET1 is a payment processing solution that integrates directly into your ECI software solution. By working within your ERP, businesses can save time, reduce costly data entry errors, provide enhanced security, and get paid faster.


Printanista brings together our best, industry-leading software solutions—FMAudit, PrintFleet, and Print Audit—to provide critical printing data from most major manufacturers in one location. By connecting to your ERP, you will be able to monitor an unlimited number of devices and users, to scale the business with ease.

Red Falcon

Red Falcon provides business product resellers with an integrated business management system and ecommerce platform that enables them to compete with national chains. This all-in-one platform provides the insight needed to grow resale businesses in brick-and-mortar locations and online.

RockSolid MAX

RockSolid MAX is an affordable and easy-to-use point of sale system that helps modernize home and building supply businesses. The cloud-based system helps these companies lower their initial investment, reduce hardware requirements, and automate backups so they can securely manage the business from anywhere.


ScanIT is a mobile inventory management solution with barcode scanning with integrates with your existing ECI software. By streamlining inventory management workflows with our solution, you can reduce the time it takes to count inventory, receive and send shipments, and stage items.


Spruce provides home and building supply companies with an end-to-end business management solution that supports the business as it grows and evolves. This intuitive and easy-to-use ERP is designed to tackle the unique challenges of the LBM industry.


TeamDesign ERP helps contract office furniture dealers and wholesalers increase productivity and profitability with a fully integrated business and project management platform. The cloud-based software combines all company data and automates the entire project delivery lifecycle, including ordering, purchasing, inventory, accounting, CRM, and business analytics.


ThermoGrid is an all-in-one contractor software that helps plumbers, electricians, and HAVAC technicians nail down how they manage their day-to-day while leveling up their services. The software brings together all areas of the business and reduces the need to juggle paperwork so you can get the job done right.