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Automated Ordering System Makes Purchase Ordering Easy

Save thousands a year by automating PO processing

Contract furniture and office products dealers can efficiently transmit purchase orders and receive acknowledgements

Through ECI’s Private Supply Network (PSN), we connect TeamDesign®, Red Falcon® and DDMSPLUS® users to manufacturers, wholesalers, and buying groups via the internet. ECI leads the industry with dozens of integrations available through our PSN. Dealers that process more than ten purchase orders (POs) a week with their various vendors can easily save several hours a week and thousands of dollars a year by automating the PO process.

ECI’s vendor integrations automate the process between the creation of the order within the ERP software and communication with the vendor system. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. The dealer creates the proposal in TeamDesign, Red Falcon or DDMSPLUS ERP, which can generate purchase orders for the participating manufacturers and wholesalers.

2. Purchase orders with a PSN integration are sent to the designated manufacturer or wholesaler for order validation and submission.

3. Vendor validates the order and confirms back to the ECI ERP software with corrections or confirmation that the order has been processed.

Estimating Ease

Develop accurate job estimates quickly and easily

Increase productivity and order accuracy

Fast, convenient access to manufacturer stock

Real-time responses to availability inquiries

Increase fill rates and end-user satisfaction

Streamline accounts payable process

Reduce waste with paperless communication

Spending too much time creating vendor orders?

Automated ordering solves these four common ordering challenges

Man Comparing Speadsheets

Time-consuming manual processes are costly and prone to errors

Automated orders ensures accuracy, with automated vs. manual processes. Reduce overhead by decreasing the hours required to manually match and post invoices and check multiple vendors and locations at one time.

Automatic Estimates

Inefficient processes extend payment timelines

Integrations allow for "quick-pay" discounts by processing invoices within specified time frame. Add vendors to the short-buy process to remove manual processes. Immediately receive invoices, and easily match invoices to purchase orders to post in A/P.

Shipping Tracking

Shipping processes are disrupted and delayed

Proactively handle vendor shortages with simplified package tracking via the Order History tab. Receive and quickly review vendor short ships, carton counts, carton IDs, and carrier tracking IDs.

Man Working On Laptop

Inaccurate pricing and stock counts

Once ordered via PSN, receive immediate acknowledgements, shipping dates, costs, and ship quantities. Automatically adjust quantities in ERP purchase orders when a short-ship is sent by vendor. Adjust sell prices according to current cost to ultimately increase end-user satisfaction.

Vendors Increase Sales with Easy PO Ordering

Our new integration with ECI's DDMSPLUS platform gives LMI dealers complete order automation and breakthrough fulfillment visibility on every order. This is another example of the technology investments we're making to give LMI dealers an advantage over their competition by replacing traditional manual processes with the latest ecommerce solutions.

LMI Solutions

ECI’s integrations with industry vendors vary with each manufacturer and wholesaler

What integrations are available for you?

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