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Dashboards and Analytics

Make better business decisions with Executive and Sales Dashboards

Easily assess your business health and improve business performance

Uncovering the critical trends within your company's data is time consuming, difficult and requires in-depth analysis. Now, with Cognytics-powered dashboards embedded right in your ERP, you can quickly uncover problems and find opportunities to grow your businesses. Relevant, actionable insights are automatically delivered to you in an easy-to-understand way empowering you to make better informed decisions.

Compelling Data Visualizations

Easily spot trends and major outliers; quickly digest complex data and understand the story behind your data.

Easy Access to Critical KPIs

Instant-access dashboards eliminate tedious reporting, saving time and increasing productivity.

Owner / Executive KPIs

Role-based KPIs quickly drive alignment and focus, delivering the right information to the right people.

Competitive Advantage

Industry-leading business dashboards level the playing field for small businesses. Compete with Big-Box stores and win.

Sales Team Productivity

Easily assess sales team productivity. At-a-glance Sales Dashboards creates focus to drive customer acquisition and retention.

Affordable and Essential

For about the cost of a daily coffee, get critical business intelligence dashboards at your fingertips.

Gain powerful business insights for data-driven decision making

The Red Falcon Core Dashboard Package Includes:

Cognytics Red Falcon Exec Dashboard min1

Executive Dashboard

This role-based dashboard is provided by permission to business executives such as the Owner and CEO. Powered by Cognytics, the Executive Dashboard is embedded in Red Falcon, providing instant access to high-level business health metrics along with single-click drill down into key metrics.

Cognytics Red Falcon Sales Dashboard min1

Sales Dashboard

This dashboard offers sales leaders and individual sales personnel with a detailed look at sales data including new orders, open orders, sales trends, and more. Sales leaders can select a specific salesperson and view unique details about their current sales, gross profit, and more.

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