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Integrated Business Management and Ecommerce Software

Build your office product business and brand with complete ERP software.

Ecommerce Site Software for office products dealers.

More than just an ecommerce platform to sell goods through, Red Falcon® includes a point-of-sale system, integrates with major wholesalers and vendors, provides a streamlined back-office solution, and supports QuickBooks®. Red Falcon will help you automate business processes, stay current on technology, successfully compete, and grow your business.

Red Falcon Features
Cloud Computing

Improve Security, Reduce Costs, Go Mobile

Conduct Business Safely Anywhere, Anytime, on any Device

Red Falcon cloud software allows you to lower maintenance costs and overall operational expenses.

Increase the security of your business with enterprise-grade compliance, security, back up, and support.

Reduce business disruption and waste. Reinvest time and money back into the business after moving to the cloud.

Read "The Advantages of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses" to learn more.

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses
Pricing Groups

Save with Automated Pricing Groups

Set Pricing Levels for Individual Customers or Groups

Setting pricing through a simple checklist is fast and uncomplicated.

The Pricing Group feature allows for an “off-the-shelf” pricing structure so you don’t have to spend time on pricing items, which saves on operational costs. Storefront, pricing, and options can be changed for each Price Group.

Everything in a Price Group is designed to create a satisfactory shopping experience. The contracted price for any individual customer or group supersedes all other pricing, so you don’t have to verify every order for accuracy.

Wasting time on pricing rules?

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Create Loyal Customers

Earn Repeat Customers Through an Easy Ecommerce Site

Red Falcon’s Outpost design tools contain out-of-the-box templates you can use to easily design your own modern ecommerce website that promotes your brand and provides a platform for your customers to manage their purchases.

Upload your own logos or design a microsite with your customers’ logos. Promote special offers and add messages, contract items, slide shows from your first-call vendor, PDFs of rebates, images and custom products.

Tired of leaving ecommerce money on the table?

Read the whitepaper "Ecommerce Optimization Is Crucial to Remaining Competitive" to learn more.

Ecommerce Optimization is Crucial to Remaining Competitive
Point of Sale

Make Your POS Work the Way You Need It To

Get the Latest Technology

Red Falcon offers a robust point-of-sale (POS) app. This app is fully integrated with the cash drawer, display pole, receipt printer, and UPC scanner, giving you the flexibility you need for your business.

Manager and user settings allow you to limit access and require approval for certain activities, such as a price change. Reporting capabilities let you run reports directly from the app without having to log in to your main Red Falcon account.

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CRM & Analytics

Make Better Business Decisions

CRM, Business Analytics, Advanced Reporting

Fully integrated within Red Falcon, Acsellerate is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps the entire organization consistently anticipate and respond to customer needs, make better business decisions, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Powered by Cognytics, MyDay dashboards enable busy sales professionals to quickly manage their schedule allowing them to spend more time with customer’s and achieving their targets. Sales professionals and executives can quickly see their appointments, tasks, activities, leads and opportunities in a single dashboard including:

  • Mission critical KPIs and performance metrics
  • Today’s Events
  • Up Next Appointments

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QuickBooks Integration

Easily Integrate Ecommerce, Retail Orders, Inventory, and Financials

Work Fast and Efficient with Integrated Software

An integration with QuickBooks® accounting software ties your ecommerce, retail orders, inventory, and financials together directly in Red Falcon so there’s no switching between programs! Red Falcon and QuickBooks sync throughout the day so, you can access real-time data on inventory levels of stocked items, revenue, and taxes.

As orders are placed on your site, they travel directly through QuickBooks, automatically updating inventory levels and revenue and tax information. QuickBooks also allows you to customize professional-looking invoices and email them directly from your system. Speedy invoicing combined with a professional look enhances a customer’s experience and gets you paid faster.

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Wholesaler Integrations

Automate Your Ordering Process

Streamline Purchase Orders and Vendor Communications

We offer integrations with all major office product wholesalers, including S.P. Richards and Essendent.

Flexible enough to accommodate any vendor with which you do business, using our ERP, you can automate your ordering process, from item file updates to purchasing and invoicing.

Spending too much time creating vendor orders?

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Competing against the big players?

Gain a competitive edge

Competing against the big players?

Red Falcon’s do-it-yourself, customizable B2B ecommerce software will have you up and running in no time. And with CartIQ automatic targeted emails, you’ll be able to re-engage with those abandoned carts or with customers who haven’t visited in a while with emails that encourage purchasing, offer specials, and upsell products.

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Struggling to keep costs down?

Keep costs under control

Struggling to keep costs down?

Keeping costs under control and automating as much as possible are important steps to success. Red Falcon helps you stay on track by providing access to integrations with major wholesalers and manufacturers as well as automating the upload and keeping cost/price plans up to date.

Powered by Cognytics™ Dashboard and Analytics Platform, data can seamlessly flow between departments like accounting, inventory, service, and sales. Pulling this data into visual reports, Cognytics gives companies of all sizes access to insightful data like never before.

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Need to improve your sales cycle?

Understand sales trends

Need to improve your sales cycle?

Acsellerate CRM with advanced reporting provides your organization with all of the information and tools necessary to accelerate your sales cycles and generate business faster.

Understand customer purchasing trends, manage leads in your sales pipeline, and effectively monitor sales and margin opportunities.

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Deliveries complete and on time?

Improve Fleet Efficiency

Deliveries complete and on time?

JumpTrack® proof-of-delivery (POD) software replaces costly paper-based systems with electronic manifest lists and signature capture. Electronic PODs increase fleet efficiency by monitoring your driver’s day, all while helping you improve customer service by using real-time information accessible from any mobile device or computer.

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Red Falcon provides an exceptional customer experience that allows you to compete with the biggest market players.

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This software is the ideal solution for growing office products dealers in search of value-driven technology that’s easy to use. Our development and customer service teams work to ensure Red Falcon is on the cutting-edge of technology, remains relevant to the office products industry and, above all, provides features that help you grow and prosper.

Red Falcon is built for independent office product dealers by people with years of experience in your industry who understand the day-to-day challenges you face.

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Add-On Solutions

Expand the services you offer to customers.

Red Falcon solutions help you offer the best in customer service. All add-ons integrate seamlessly with the Red Falcon business system, so you’re not working in multiple software platforms.



Automatic, targeted ecommerce emails.

Entice customers to purchase


Send Custom Emails to Remind Customers to Finish Orders

Using CartIQ, you can offer incentives for customers to return and suggest products based on their shopping and buying history.

  • Email them about products they have been searching for but haven’t purchased yet
  • CartIQ preset templates make it easy for you to customize emails with your personal message
  • Receive weekly reports to offer insight into email and sales performance

How much money could be hiding on your website?

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Ecommerce Website Design

Worry-free ecommerce maintenance.

Keep content up-to-date

Ecommerce Website Design

Get a Modern Storefront Design, Compelling Banner Ads, and Email Templates

Ecommerce Website Design service is a personalized subscription-based program that will turn your eCommerce site into a super salesperson and generate more revenue for your company. We work with you on a continual basis to develop and maintain your site.

Weekly analytics reports give you insight into your customers' eCommerce experience to help you increase traffic and online sales.

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Competing in a Digital World

Branded Website Design

Corporate sites improve local SEO rankings.

drive more leads

Branded Website Design

Improve your SEO, Generate Leads, Drive Sales, and Increase Brand Awareness

Branded Website Design gives you a business site that matches your Red Falcon ecommerce site and ties them together as one. With no upfront investment needed, we'll design and host your company website’s homepage and up to 10 additional pages to develop your brand.

Get a personalized website design, initial local search engine optimization (SEO) setup, and guidance from experienced professionals with periodic updates to keep your entire website fresh and relevant.

Could you be losing out on local sales?

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Be Your Own Brand Ambassador with Digital Services

Integrated Payment Processing

Lowest guaranteed overall processing costs.

Streamline payment processes

NET1 Integrated Payment Processing

Save $50–$300 a Month by Switching to NET1 Payment Processing

With more than 100,000 merchants, ECI’s preferred credit card processor, NET1 helps dealers streamline payment processing, improve customer data security, and enhance customer service. NET1 payment processing is fully integrated with Red Falcon so you don’t have to log out of it and into NET1 to process payments. It provides seamless, PCI compliant transactions for your ecommerce shoppers.

  • No modem or credit card machine required, no software training needed
  • Includes direct technical support and convenient 24-hour access to payment processing and reporting
  • Features automated recurring billing

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Professional Services

Streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Expert white glove services

Professional Services

Get Guaranteed Consultation Services

Expert On-Site Total Business Review provides your dealership with a comprehensive business review with best-practice recommendations and modifications tailored to your unique needs. ECI's experts will examine operations and logistics, accounting, reporting and auditing, billing and workflow, inventory control, and your online ecommerce store.

Premier Account Management. The highest level of service and support that Red Falcon offers keeps your business running smoothly with dedicated one-on-one consultants when and where you need it most. The services features a two day on-site consultation each year to review your goals and challenges to help solidify your business plan.

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Reduce delivery costs and errors.

Plan, capture, and track deliveries

JumpTrack Proof-of-Delivery

Reduce Delivery Errors and Costs

JumpTrack® proof-of-delivery (POD) software replaces costly paper-based systems with electronic manifest lists and signature capture. Electronic POD improves fleet efficiency by monitoring your driver’s day, all while helping you improve customer service by using real-time information accessible from any mobile device or computer.

A cloud-based program for mobile devices, JumpTrack eliminates labor and paper costs associated with traditional systems, increases delivery capacity without adding to your fleet, and offers greater management oversight through real-time driver efficiency reports and GPS tracking.

Take POD to the next level with optional delivery route and fleet optimization capabilities that keeps drivers on the fastest, most efficient route and reduce the number of trucks on the road for fuel and time savings.

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OfficeShopper Mobile App

Let your customers shop easily from all devices.

Shopping made quick, easy and mobile

OfficeShopper Mobile App

The OfficeShopper™ mobile app lets your customers place orders and view product info from any mobile device, including tablets and smartphones. The app can also be used for comparison shopping within brick-and-mortar stores through barcode scanning. OfficeShopper is available on devices for Android™ or iOS.

Tablet sales continue to grow and smartphone market share keeps enlarging. Mobile shopping is a channel that is expanding and shows no signs of stopping. As millennials gain more footing in the marketplace, mobile shopping could very well become the norm. Get your company prepared for the future by offering the next generation of online retail.

Learn more about mobile commerce!

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PunchOut Integration

Give customers control over purchasing.

Easily manage ordering and invoicing

PunchOut Integration

Ideal for winning larger accounts, PunchOut integration gives your customers control over their purchasing activity on your site. Linking to your customer’s procurement system, PunchOuts allow your customers to manage their purchasing and invoicing processes within their internal business software.

Using a punchout is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Your customer builds a shopping cart on your site and submits the order
  2. The order is passed back into your customer’s ERP system
  3. Using their own approval process, the purchase order is finalized and automatically associated with an invoice

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Learn more about ERPs, ecommerce, and how Red Falcon can help you build your brand.

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Red Falcon gave us the ability to offer the kind of functionality, searchability and ease-of-use that was just as good as the big boxes’ websites.

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