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Punchout/eProcurement Integration

The win/win solution for business products resellers and their customers.

Customers can easily order on your website through their eProcurement software.

Punchout/eProcurement is an integration between your ERP software (Red Falcon or DDMSPLUS) and your customer’s eprocurement system. The integration allows customers to use their own procurement software, making shopping and ordering from your website quick and easy.

Punchouts helps you compete and win against big-box and on-line retailers. They give you access to large government, healthcare, and financial business that require punchouts.

How do Punchouts work?

CLICK HERE to see how Punchouts streamline your customer’s procurement process by automatically creating a PO and routing approvals through their ERP system.

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Use punchouts to attract new customers, build your business, and compete with online retailers

Streamline clunky processes

Cut the paperwork and trafficking of orders, approvals, POs, and invoices

Take the pressure off your IT staff

Simply receive orders already integrated with your ERP, then fill and ship

Reduce account administration

Reduce the set-up and log-in and approval processes

Win new, larger accounts

Government, healthcare, and financial business often require punchouts

Keep customers coming back for more

Punchouts make it easy for customers to buy from you

Win Large Institutional Accounts

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Punchouts provide compelling benefits to your customers

Resellers love Punchouts for 4 Reasons

DDMS Purchasing

SAP Ariba – Oracle – coupa – Jaggaer and dozens more

Most large companies use one of a few standard software systems that ECI ERPs integrate with easily. Plus, ECI can easily customize Punchouts to fit proprietary and lesser-known purchasing software.

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ECI handles the entire onboarding process

You’ll get exceptional service from initial set-up to ongoing integrations. We work with you and your customers to understand their organization’s unique workflow and have the industry’s most effective and efficient set-up and testing process.

What You Need to Know Before an ERP Investment

Streamline the purchasing process

Customers can click on your icon on their desktops and go directly to your website. They fill their shopping carts and send them to the designated internal department for approval and purchase order(s). The order comes to you ready to be filled and delivered.

Remote employee

Anyone with authorize access can order from anywhere

For customers, punchouts eliminate the need to locate a vendor and check to ensure it is on the approved vendor list. Punchouts are especially good for accounts with many end-users and more formal systematic processes for approval and POs.


“One of the biggest benefits for us is having our logo on their computer screens, it leads to a higher level of commitment from customers. It is easier for them to order because it helps them streamline the process, and they know you are a preferred vendor. For us, having Punchouts has meant many millions of dollars.”

Ready to start using Punchouts to win large accounts?

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