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Cloud ERP Software for Independent Office Products Dealers

Tools to compete now and drive future growth.

Compete with big box retailers and online channels.

DDMSPLUS® software is a complete, cloud-based business management solution that enables independent dealers to grow and prepare for the future. Featuring tools to access information, analyze operations from multiple locales, and improve efficiencies, OP dealers can expand their businesses with additional product lines and vertical markets, in brick-and-mortar locations, and online.

NEW Graphical Dashboards

The new graphical dashboards streamline communication to help business owners and sales leaders make better business decisions, and empower their employees to stay focused on essential business activities.

Improve Sales by Measuring Key Metrics!

Take your sales team to the next level.

Acsellerate CRM, included within DDMSPLUS, now features activity dashboards to analyze and present key sales KPIs while gaining insight into best practices to help sales professionals be more effective. Busy sales leads and teams can visualize key metrics, analyze their activities and tasks, and be proactively directed to actionable insights, improving their performance. 

Sales leaders often find it extremely difficult to manage their sales teams and uncover critical trends without having to use multiple solutions, costing them time and money.  Activity dashboards give you the insights you need to create a top-performing sales team.

Activity Dashboards

  • Compelling Visualizations. Insights help sales leaders and teams be more efficient.
  • Sales Key Performance Indicators. New CRM metrics quickly drive organizational alignment and focus.  
  • Purpose Driven Visualizations.  Answer critical CRM questions without having to know in advance what data you need.
  • Lead Management. At-a-glance view to drive your prospecting and new customer acquisition efforts.  
  • Sales Team Productivity. Easily visualize your sales team and their productivity.
  • Manage Overdue Tasks. Improve sales efficiencies by quickly reviewing overdue tasks and ensuring timely sales team follow up. 

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NEW Customer Intelligence Dashboards

CXi (CXintelligence) reduces the time spent running reports by delivering on-demand purchasing KPI’s and graphical dashboards directly to your end customers.

On-demand Customer Intelligence Dashboards

Stop wasting valuable time creating custom reports for your key accounts

The new CXintelligence (CXi) solution, powered by Cognytics, delivers actionable purchasing intelligence with visually appealing graphical dashboards and purpose driven reporting that simplifies purchasing analysis for busy CFOs and purchasing professionals.

Build a branded solution for a customer in minutes, freeing up valuable selling time and reducing operational reporting expenses.

Customer Intelligence Dashboards

  • Increase efficiency by reducing the time staff spends generating reports for your customers
  • Proactively support your customers with transparent access to their purchase information
  • Quickly builds trust through transactional transparency and reporting
  • Win new business and target larger customers with a clear competitive advantage
  • All information is “customer friendly” so you never worry about providing data with cost or GP%.
  • Customizable login pages, logos, and themes empower you to brand CXi as a strategic part of your value proposition and compete effectively in today’s fast-paced distribution market.

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NEW: Margin Accelerator

The new Margin Accelerator service provides integrated end-consumer pricing matrixes that increase gross margins while maintaining customer loyalty.

Manage margins for predictable business profits!

Easily maintain pricing and profits across thousands of products

Lacking the time and resources to create and maintain multi-level end-consumer pricing matrixes? Margin Accelerator is a comprehensive Margin Management Program that protects dealers from volatile supplier cost changes and allows for granular pricing.

  • Protect your margins
  • Stay competitive
  • Customize for individuals or groups
  • Quickly adjust pricing

Ready for higher profits?

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Margin Accelerator creates customized pricing matrixes for your customers based on the item costs

Created by industry experts with years of pricing knowledge, dealers can easily import supplier-agnostic consumer pricing built specifically to allow you to adjust prices to maintain your GP on every product. Measure day-to-day selling prices against the competitive landscape and utilize five matrixes to quickly made adjustments to meet your customers' and your company's needs


Boost Profits with a Web Storefront

Earn Repeat Customers with Easy Ecommerce

With ECInteractivePLUS® ecommerce solution, DDMSPLUS ensures that demanding B2B customers have a great shopping experience with an easy-to-navigate website that features auto-save, specials and sales, and fewer clicks.

Your custom-branded website includes new technology for improved performance, 508 compliance for the vision impaired, support for Internet Explorer® 9.0 - 11.0, Edge®, Firefox®, and Chromebrowsers, and major wholesaler and distributor integrations for fast ordering and receiving.

Tired of leaving ecommerce money on the table?

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Ecommerce Optimization is Crucial to Remaining Competitive
CRM & Analytics

Make Better Business Decisions

Make Better Business Decisions

Acsellerate is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps your entire organization consistently anticipate and respond to customer needs, make better business decisions, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Powered by Cognytics, MyDay dashboards enable busy sales professionals to quickly manage their schedules, allowing them to spend more time with customers and achieving their targets. Sales professionals and executives can quickly see their appointments, tasks, activities, leads, and opportunities in a single dashboard, including:

  • Mission-critical KPIs and performance metrics
  • Today’s Events
  • Up Next Appointments

Ready to make better business decisions, faster?

Check out the new Acsellerate Activity Dashboards and Customer Intelligence Dashboards.

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Make Purchasing Easy with Wholesaler Integrations

Streamline Purchase Orders and Vendor Communications

DDMSPLUS integrates with all major office product wholesalers, including S.P. Richards and Essendent, to help you be more competitive, improve workflow, and increase your bottom line!

Spending too much time creating purchase orders?

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Integrate Your Finances to Improve Cash Flow

Improve Accounting Processes and Cash Flow

DDMSPLUS gives you the accounting tools you need to manage the process throughout your entire business including the ability to automatically post A/R invoices and credit memos, process customer deposits and credits, accept credit card payments for outstanding A/R, fax or e-mail statements directly from A/R, and post to multiple customer accounts from one check.

Receive and process electronic A/P invoices from supporting vendors, automatically match A/P invoices to received POs, utilize a multi-location G/L module, customize financial tables, export financial data in one step, and review with unlimited G/L history.

Want streamlined accounting?

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Warehouse & Inventory Management

Get the Right Products and Prices, in the Right Places at the Right Time

With real-time inventory control, you can manage multiple locations and support multiple vendors, prices, purchasing units of measure, and item numbers for each product. Easily manage variable margin pricing, unlimited item bins, cycle count module, and more.

Ready to take control of your inventory?

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Management & Reporting

Generate All Reports from Within DDMSPLUS

No Specialized Reporting Software or Training Required

With DDMSPLUS, you can keep track of every aspect of your business with a 360° view of company operations with real-time business metrics.

Track profitability of customers, products, contracts, groups, and employees and analyze pricing for customers and vendors.

Get comprehensive management and financial reporting with insights into performance against budget using SQL databases for easy data export and analysis.

Tired of wrestling with complex reporting?

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Improve Accounting Efficiency with Integrated Payroll

Strengthen Your Operations

With DDMSPLUS, you can customize tax deductions by employee, track employee sponsored benefits, high-wage-earner Medicare tax calculations, and fully integrate with the general ledger.

Easily perform federal, city, and state tax calculations, track 401K and Cafe Plan calculations, provide hourly, salaried, and commissionable pay calculations, and track employee advances and repayments.

Tired of inefficient payroll operations?

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Sales & Marketing

Gather Business Insights to Drive Sales Growth

Empower Your Entire Business Team

Provide quick access to real-time data and the tools you need to support business growth, departmental integration, communication, and tracking.

Monitor targeted sales campaigns, customer groups, and quality metrics. Track salesperson commissions and incentives, customer purchases, and quality metrics.

Ready to take your sales and marketing to the next level?

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Wholesaler Integrations

Automate Your Ordering Process

Streamline Purchase Orders and Vendor Communications

We offer integrations with all major office product wholesalers, including S.P. Richards and Essendent.

Flexible enough to accommodate any vendor you do business with, using our ERP you can automate your ordering process, from item file updates to purchasing and invoicing.

Spending too much time creating vendor orders?

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Focused For Your Industry
  • Office Products
  • Office Equipment
  • Contract Furniture
  • IT Consumables
  • Beverage & Breakroom
  • Janitorial/Sanitation
DDMS Personas Losingto Big Players
Losing out to the big players?

Get insight into your business

Losing out to the big players?

DDMSPLUS business management software is the ideal ERP made specifically for independent office products dealers. It integrates different product lines, operations, and branches, as well as company finances and management structure, to offer a macro view of both your retail and ecommerce performance.

Winning against the big box retailers and online super sites is possible when you've got great systems that provide clear and actionable business insight. Let DDMSPLUS take you there.

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RF Persona Cognytics
Struggling to keep costs down?


Struggling to keep costs down?

Keeping costs under control and automating as much as possible are important steps to success. DDMSPLUS helps you stay on track by providing access to integrations with major wholesalers and manufacturers, automating item uploads, and keeping cost/price plans up to date.

Advanced dashboards and analytics powered by Cognytics™ Dashboard and Analytics Platform allow data to seamlessly flow between departments like accounting, inventory, service, and sales. Pulling this data into visual reports, Cognytics gives companies of all sizes access to insightful data like never before.

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RF Persona Acsellerate
Sales performance a mystery?

Increase sales with built-in CRM

Sales performance a mystery?

Fully integrated with DDMSPLUS, Acsellerate CRM with advanced reporting provides your organization with all of the information and tools necessary to accelerate your sales cycles and generate business faster.

Understand customer purchasing trends, manage leads in your sales pipeline, and effectively monitor sales and margin opportunities.

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RF Persona Jump Track
Deliveries complete and on time?

Improve Fleet Efficiency

Deliveries complete and on time?

JumpTrack® proof-of-delivery (POD) software replaces costly paper-based systems with electronic manifest lists and signature capture. Electronic PODs increase fleet efficiency by monitoring your driver’s day, all while helping you improve customer service by using real-time information accessible from any mobile device or computer.

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Level the competitive field with cloud ERP software designed to conquer the challenges faced by office products companies like yours.

Read more about DDMSPLUS.

Four decades ago, a team of visionaries in the independent office products industry developed a business management software solution for the Super Office Store in Dallas, Texas. This product, DDMS, spun off as its own company, quickly gained market traction, and evolved into the industry’s leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

DDMSPLUS has been the business management solution of choice for more than 35 years, with more than 90% of independent dealers using our solution to grow their businesses.

This software is the ideal solution for growing office products dealers in search of value-driven technology that’s easy to use. Our development and customer service teams work to ensure DDMSPLUS is on the cutting-edge of technology, remains relevant to the office products industry and, above all, provides features that help you grow and prosper.

Ready to compete against the big boys?

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Add-On Solutions

Expand the services you offer to customers.

DDMSPLUS technology solutions help you offer the best in customer service. All add-ons integrate seamlessly with the DDMSPLUS business system, so you’re not working in multiple software platforms to perform tasks and retrieve information.

RF Persona Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce Design

Get worry-free website maintenance.

Keep content up-to-date

Ecommerce Design

Get a Modern Storefront Design, Compelling Banner Ads, and Email Templates

Ecommerce Website Design service is a personalized subscription-based program that will turn your ecommerce site into a super salesperson that generates incremental revenue for your company. We work with you on an ongoing basis to develop and maintain your site and ensure it remains up to date so you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Weekly analytics reports give you insight into your customer's ecommerce experience, helping you continually increase traffic and online sales.

Is your website competitive enough?

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Competing in a Digital World
RF Persona Acsellerate

Sales Intelligence & CRM

Gain powerful business insight.

Make better business decisions

Sales Intelligence & CRM

CRM, Business Analytics, Advanced Reporting

Fully integrated within DDMSPLUS, Acsellerate is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps the entire organization consistently anticipate and respond to customer needs, make better business decisions, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Powered by Cognytics, MyDay dashboards enable busy sales professionals to quickly manage their schedules, allowing them to spend more time with customers and achieving their targets. Sales professionals and executives can quickly see their appointments, tasks, activities, leads, and opportunities in a single dashboard including:

  • Mission critical KPIs and performance metrics
  • Today’s Events
  • Up Next Appointments

Ready to make better business decisions, faster?

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TD Add On Integrated Payment Processing NET1

NET1 Payment Processing

Lowest guaranteed overall processing costs.

Streamline your payment process

NET1 Payment Processing

Save $50–$300 a Month by Switching to NET1 Payment Processing

With more than 100,000 merchants, ECI’s preferred credit card processor, NET1, helps dealers streamline payment processing, improve customer data security, and enhance customer service. NET1 payment processing is fully integrated with DDMSPLUS so you don’t have to log out of it and into NET1 to process payments. It provides seamless, PCI compliant transactions for your ecommerce shoppers.

  • No modem or credit card machine required, no software training needed
  • Includes direct technical support and convenient 24-hour access to payment processing and reporting
  • Features automated recurring billing

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RF Add On Professional Services

Professional Services

Streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Expert white glove services

Professional Services

Get Guaranteed Consultation Services

Expert On-Site Total Business Review provides your dealership with a comprehensive business review with best-practice recommendations and modifications tailored to your unique needs. ECI's experts will examine operations and logistics; accounting, reporting and auditing; billing and workflow; inventory control; and your online ecommerce store.

Premier Account Management is the highest level of service and support that DDMSPLUS offers. Keeping your business running smoothly with dedicated one-on-one consultants when and where you need it most, the services feature a two day on-site consultation each year to review your goals and challenges to help solidify your business plan.

RF Persona Jump Track

JumpTrack Proof-of-Delivery

Reduce delivery costs and errors.

Plan, capture, and track deliveries

JumpTrack Proof-of-Delivery

Reduce Delivery Errors and Costs

JumpTrack® proof-of-delivery (POD) software replaces costly paper-based systems with electronic manifest lists and signature capture. Electronic POD improves fleet efficiency by monitoring your driver’s day, all while helping you improve customer service by using real-time information accessible from any mobile device or computer.

A cloud-based program for mobile devices, JumpTrack eliminates labor and paper costs associated with traditional systems, increases delivery capacity without adding to your fleet, and offers greater management oversight through real-time driver efficiency reports and GPS tracking.

Take POD to the next level with optional delivery route and fleet optimization capabilities that keep drivers on the fastest, most efficient route and reduce the number of trucks on the road for fuel and time savings.

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RF Add On Office Shopper

OfficeShopper Mobile App

Let your customers shop easily from all devices.

Shopping made quick, easy, and mobile

OfficeShopper mobile App

The OfficeShopper™ mobile app lets your customers place orders and view product information from any mobile device, including tablets and smartphones. The app can also be used for comparison shopping within brick-and-mortar stores through barcode scanning. OfficeShopper is available on devices for Android™ or iOS.

Tablet sales continue to grow and smartphone market share keeps enlarging. Mobile shopping is a channel that is expanding and shows no signs of stopping. As millennials gain more footing in the marketplace, mobile shopping could very well become the norm. Get your company prepared for the future by offering the next generation of online retail.

Learn more about mobile commerce!

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RF Add On Punch Out Integration

PunchOut Integration

Customer control over purchasing.

Easily manage ordering and invoicing

PunchOut Integration

Ideal for winning larger accounts, PunchOut integration gives your customers control over their purchasing activity on your site. Linking to your customer’s procurement system, PunchOuts allow your customers to manage their purchasing and invoicing processes within their internal business software.

Using a punchout is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Your customer builds a shopping cart on your site and submits the order
  2. The order is passed back into your customer’s ERP system
  3. Using their own approval process, the purchase order is finalized and automatically associated with an invoice

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ERP Readiness Quiz: Do You Need an ERP Solution?

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Experience Acsellerate

Already included with DDMSPLUS, Acsellerate helps you compete successfully in today’s market.

How do you compete in a digital world


How Do Businesses Compete In A Digital World?

It’s now more important than ever to deliver on customers’ digital needs and ecommerce trends. What is your business doing to stay competitive?

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If Your ERP Can't Grow, Neither Can You

The more efficient your company is and the easier the processes are, the better the customer service.

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Make Shopping Easier With OfficeShopper

By adding OfficeShopper™ mobile shopping app to your customers’ shopping experience, you are letting them control how they shop.

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Mcommerce Is the Present and Future of Ecommerce

Mobile commerce has risen to become the dominant platform in ecommerce, with no signs of slowing down.

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Are you still using DDMS?

Discover how you can boost your business by moving to DDMSPLUS.

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Office Value Uses Ecommerce Mobile App

OfficeShopper mobile ecommerce app streamlines inventory and ordering processes

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Complete Business Management Software for Independent Distributors

Learn more about our fully integrated all-in-one business management system.

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Protect Your Business from Ransomware

During these unprecedented times with so many people working from home, it’s more important than ever to make sure your business data is protected.

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PunchOut Integration

An automated eprocurement connection gives your customers more control of the purchasing process.

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Recession Proof Your Dealership

Is your business poised to take advantage of the next major economic opportunity to seize market share?

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The Value Of Vendor Integrations

Integrating your business management system with wholesalers and vendors to establish a Private Supply Network (PSN) allows you to access pricing and product availability, place orders directly, and receive purchase orders (PO) confirmations in real-time!

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Vendor Integrations Make Purchasing Easy!

Discover how you can connect your business system directly to the vendors your work with every day.

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Take Your Website from Good to Amazing

Does your website have what it takes to attract new customers, provide a great user experience that keeps existing customers coming back, and continues to increase your company’s brand?

Zemlick office resource tile

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Zemlick Office Products

Read about how Zemlick Office Products uses DDMSPLUS to drive efficiency, productivity, and online sales with multiple lines of business.

DDMSPLUS gives you the tools to successfully compete!

DDMSPLUS gave us the ability to offer the kind of functionality, searchability, and all-round ease-of-use that was just as good as the big boxes’ websites.

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