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Scalable, quote-to-cash job shop management solution that streamlines efficiency and improves productivity.

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JobBOSS® software is a quote-to-cash shop management system with a range of business-boosting features that enable you to operate efficiently. Get the flexibility and visibility you need to meet production demands and increase profitability on every job.

JobBOSS Features

Quote Confidently

Win More Business with Competitive Quotes

Using the JobBOSS Quoting module, you can create quotes quickly and accurately to win more business and stay competitive.

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Order Processing

Ordering Made Easy

Streamline Your Order Processing

Easily track jobs, access real-time customer and supplier information, and streamline the sales order process with the JobBOSS Order Processing module.

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Scheduling & Shop Floor

Built-in Flexibility

Make Changes on the Fly

Effortlessly manage any job scheduling challenges with an easy-to-use, visual, and flexible scheduling module.

Spot the load on individual work centers, and make job decisions by machine, employee, or date and time.

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Materials & Inventory

Optimize Profitability

Intelligently Manage Supply and Demand to Increase Job Profitability

JobBOSS material control helps manage your entire inventory while maximizing profits, minimizing waste, and limiting the time employees search for parts and materials.

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Never Miss Delivery Dates Again

Delight Your Customers with On-Time Deliveries

Keep your customers informed and happy with the JobBOSS comprehensive shipping management module. Shipping can be an efficient and excellent customer service tool.

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Cost Analysis

Real-time Visibility into Job Costs

Make a Profit on Every Job

Robust and powerful cost analysis and reporting tools give you visibility into all aspects of job costing and the confidence to make a profit on every job.

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Business Activity Monitoring

Your Personal Business Assistant

Intelligent Alerts to Keep Your Business Flowing

Powerful business activity tools monitor, alert, and manage your critical business activities.

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Insightful Dashboards

Stay on Track and in Control

Display sales, performance, and efficiency data for powerful insights in real-time that you can immediately act on.


Options to Increase Efficiency

Integrated Finances for Effective Management

For companies that want to manage their finances, office, and purchasing with one integrated system, JobBOSS Accounting offers full integration of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger.

When QuickBooks or Sage 50 (Canadian integration) is used with JobBOSS, data transfer is seamless, you only have to enter data once. The time your employees spend entering data will be reduced, and your data will be more reliable.

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Focused For Your Industry
  • Aerospace & Defense Part Fabricators
  • Automotive Stamping Shops
  • Captive Manufacturers
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • High Technology Manufacturers
  • Industrial & Commercial Machinery
  • Job Shops
  • Medical Device Fabricators
  • Metal Fabrication Shops
  • Plastics Production Shops
  • Semiconductor Production Shops
  • Shipbuilding/Marine Manufacturers
Shop Owner & CEO


Shop Owner & CEO

You give it all you can, but sometimes that’s not enough. If those materials don’t show up on your dock by midday, you may be paying someone a visit, either a supplier or a customer. In the meantime, you have to think about revenue, expenses, and keeping the productivity burners on high.

JobBOSS is an end-to-end ERP that makes it easy to manage your entire business operations in a single solution. Because every part of your business is linked together, you can gain insight and real-time visibility that will enable you to make informed decisions about your future quickly.

Shop owner details

Shop Floor Manager


Shop Floor Manager

As the Floor Manager, your challenge is to keep jobs moving no matter what. You need to schedule new work and maximize jobs already in process. Managing equipment and inside operations, and keeping material organized and on hand for the job, are your priorities.

JobBOSS captures accurate costs, integrates with CNC work centers, and ensures faster throughput and higher productivity. You need an easy way to recognize and fix shopfloor problems—JobBOSS dashboards provide it.

Floor Manager Details

Purchasing Agent

Control your inventory

Purchasing Agent

You manage the bottom line. You work to improve operational results and reverse financial declines. Current costing figures, reports, and analysis from the front and back office and the shop floor take time to collect and analyze. Negotiating reductions from suppliers is not easy.

JobBOSS scheduling ties into purchasing. See and analyze your on-time deliveries, then work towards getting your vendors on just-in-time purchasing. JobBOSS saves time by providing visibility both on the shop floor and into the purchasing process overall. It gives you the real-time data and financial indicators necessary to negotiate the best pricing.

Purchasing details

Financial Controller

GAIN Business Insights

Financial Controller

You oversee accounting, and drilling into financials and reporting is vital. If something doesn’t look right, you drill down into it to see what happened. If you noticed a job was unprofitable, you use data to find out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Reports from a variety of modules flow into one source—your computer—and make it easy to watch for problems among a small or large workforce. The system provides high-level overviews and up-close detail if needed. With Completed Job Cost reports, for example, you can drill into the data and see where the real variance between estimated and actual costs occurred. Dashboards bring you the numbers, as well. No need to run 50 reports to get answers; one dashboard summarizes it all.

Controller details

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JobBOSS shop management solution serves over 3,000 manufacturers worldwide.

Learn more about the JobBOSS story.

JobBOSS was first developed in 1984 by a job shop manager that needed a better way to run his business. Today’s JobBOSS team continues to innovate and support the industry’s most flexible manufacturing shop management software. JobBOSS has customers in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. Read all about JobBOSS here.

What customers say about JobBOSS

We were looking for an ERP system that could do everything for us, from quoting to management of jobs, including accounting and payroll. We have been using JobBOSS for 25 years and have been very satisfied.


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