Regulatory Compliance for Manufacturers

ECI is proud to provide a secure, ITAR-compliant cloud solution for aerospace and defense manufacturers and contractors, including our M1 and JobBOSS² manufacturing software with the help of Microsoft and Amazon platforms supported by US employees.

Benefit from an ITAR Compliant Cloud Solution for Manufacturers

ECI ITAR-Compliant solution

Small and mid-market aerospace and defense manufacturers have previously had few options to meet ITAR compliance requirements short of managing their own on-premises infrastructure and ERP solutions. With ECI’s new ITAR-compliant cloud platform, these manufacturers can now utilize this infrastructure so they can focus on manufacturing high-quality, precision parts and meeting their customers on-time delivery requirements.

Providing cloud infrastructure and support

By combining forces with the leading government cloud infrastructure providers and supporting that infrastructure with data custodians that meet the requirements established by ITAR of being US Person, ECI extends to its customers all the benefits of deploying their ERP solution in the cloud (available anywhere, anytime, and on any device) with the required security protocols so they can be assured they are meeting the requirements of ITAR with a cost-effective and state-of-the art solution.

Manage and secure technical information

Government contractors and manufacturers can now securely manage and work with their technical data in the cloud and rest easy knowing that the solution is managed by individuals that are aware of the strictest standards put forth in the ITAR requirements. Drawings, process documentation, and other technical data are safely stored and managed in accordance with the shared responsibility model put forth by the US State Department and the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.

Department of State DDTC Statistics

Today, there are approximately 13,000 ITAR registered companies, universities, and research labs handling defense and military technologies, according to the U.S. Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). For manufacturers who produce items on the United States Munition List (USML), it is important that they have the tools necessary to build and maintain relationships with these defense organizations while ensuring they are offering secure and compliant services. With ECI’s M1 and JobBOSS² ITAR solution, manufacturers can do all of this in one, cloud-enabled platform.


Who is the platform being offered to?

ECI can offer this ITAR platform for any M1 and JobBOSS² US companies that are aerospace and defense manufacturers or contractors who are customers and want to stay on top of technology with moving to a secure, cloud environment.

What is ECI doing to provide this service?

We are utilizing Microsoft Azure Government and AWS GovCloud (US) to provide a secure platform with trusted names for the best protection. The infrastructure, process, and shared responsibility model have also received attestation by a well-known auditor and third-party compliance consultancy firm.

How does utilizing a cloud environment benefit my company?

Having the ability to securely access your manufacturing business data from anywhere is imperative to being on top of daily operations to make quick yet informed decisions.

How much is this going to cost?

Because every ERP system is different and tailored for your company, costs will vary depending on users and what kind of integration is needed. Reach out to us if you are interested in learning more or contact your account representative to inquire about pricing.

Who holds responsibility?

ECI does not have any visibility into a customer's network infrastructure. This includes data that is subject to ITAR regulations. We are responsible for keeping your data and assets secure in the platform we provide.

Who can help us with getting set up and keep us running?

ECI has a support team dedicated to your ITAR needs. We can get you up and running with our implementation team and help answer any questions you may have moving forward.

ITAR Product Guides Available!

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JobBOSS² ITAR Product Guide

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CMMC Compliance

Our intention is to be compliant to CMMC Level 2 in 2023 and to attain a certification, if available, once final requirements are officially developed and published.