Mobile Apps

Enjoy the easy-to-use mobile features provided by JobBOSS2 such as quick view, images and documents, inventory, and data collections to make it easier to run your business with the touch of your fingertips, literally.

JobBOSS2 brings high-level mobile efficiency

Obtain a high-level view of shop operations with QuickView

View information on customers, parts, and data collection anywhere in real-time. This is available for mobile devices or tablets, to access important information without using a seat license.

Easily add images and documents with a quick scan

Use Quick Scan on a tablet or mobile device, add images of parts directly to the system ,and view up to 100 parts at a time. Easily add a photo or signature of employees for badges.

Add filters and make quick changes to your inventory

Available for tablet or mobile devices, the Inventory App is great for shop personnel doing physical inventory on the floor. Use multi-level filters to narrow your inventory search for fast changes.

Get up-to-date employee information instantly with one-touch

Designed for a mobile device, the app is registered to a specific employee, so you know exactly what job the employee is working on. Geo-fencing technology for accurate time and attendance.

With extensive data collection, gain transparency into your manufacturing process

Quickly and instantly, analyze the profitability of every job in real-time. Get immediate insight into your material inventory so you can see exactly what you always have on hand.

Visibility into meaningful metrics that drive decisions with dashboards

The customizable dashboard application in JobBOSS2 gives you and your team a high-level snapshot of everything going on in the shop at any given time to keep track of KPIs.

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