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Eliminate redundancy. Automate busywork.

Spruce® business management software is an easy-to-use ERP that transforms the way you work so you can focus on growing your business. The software is cloud-based and completely integrated, which reduces costly errors and improves communication across your organization. With access to your data from anywhere, you can make decisions based on facts, positively impacting your bottom line.

Spruce Features
Document Management

Automatically Link All Transactions

Built Around Core Document Management Functionality

All transactions are automatically linked, including handwritten or faxed records, so you have access to everything you need electronically.

Quickly access your customers’ quotes, orders, POs, receiving documents, and sales invoices in one centralized, easy-to-use system. Save time and money by emailing customers their statements and invoices.

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Accounts Receivable

Simplify Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

Improve Cash Flow and Customer Satisfaction

In Spruce, you can process payments through Point of Sale or Accounts Receivable. Billing cycles close automatically (based on your schedule), and you can print/fax/email statements and invoices at any time.

A/R Status shows current and last statement or listings of charges and credits. Easily review activity for any period, by job or for all jobs, so you can understand what is at risk of being late.

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Accounts Payable

Streamline Invoicing & Improve Cash Flow

Fully Integrated A/P Provides a Complete Document Trail

Spruce's document management allows you to attach packing slips, vendor invoices, or any other Windows® compatible file or web link to any related document.

You can schedule automatic payments on invoice entry, discount, or due date, and the software has complete history retention, including inactive and disabled vendors.

With comprehensive direct and indirect purchase tracking, you will have access to all the A/P data you need. Plus, Spruce has complete EDI tie-in options for major vendors, including default bill-to settings for co-ops to save time and eliminate errors.

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General Ledger

Simplify Financial Reporting

Gain Complete Control Over All Transactions

Spruce provides informative summaries of GL activity and allows you to easily drill down into the details.

Review journal inquiries showing the credit and debit amounts associated with the account. View every document including invoices, payments, check runs, and receipts.

Spruce can handle flexible account numbering, a thirteenth adjustment cycle, unlimited open cycles, built-in and custom reporting, custom period setup, recurring journals, budgeting, automatic branch mapping—and more!

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Point of Sale

Fast and Convenient Check-out Process

Satisfy Customers and Improve Productivity

Spruce is designed to get customers through the check-out process quickly, creating a positive experience that promotes repeat business.

Your cashiers can quickly scan items, enter SKUs, or look them up in the system. Return processing is painless, customer lookup is easy, and transactions can be sent by email or fax—providing flexibility and saving paper.

You can even import data from external software like window manufacturers or design tools, eliminating the need to rekey these items into POS or purchasing—which saves time and prevents mistakes.

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Purchasing & Inventory

Stock the Right Inventory

Simplify Purchasing with Vendor Integration

Stocking the wrong items or too much inventory ties up cash that can be invested in other areas.

Spruce offers many purchasing options including automated ordering and the ability to order stock based on past POs. Special orders are easy and vendor catalogs are integrated into the system so you know you’re ordering the right items.

Consolidated purchasing allows multi-location customers to assess the needs of the entire enterprise, improving efficiency and maximizing volume discounts.

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Generate All Reports from Within the System

No Specialized Software or Training Required

Access to important information about your business is key to making good decisions. Permission-based reports allow you to decide which employees in your organization have access.

Reports are linked to key documents with details. Spruce doesn’t consolidate data, you get all the data without purchasing any add-ons. Read how JM Building Supply uses Spruce to see accurate data that saves time and money.

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Graphical Analytics

Get a Clear Visual View of Your Operation

Make Better Business Decisions

Spruce includes a predefined series of charts and queries so you can select those that are most useful for your business, customize them, and save to your analytics panel for easy access.

Quickly retrieve the data you need to make fast, appropriate business decisions and stay informed on day-to-day operations. No need to wait on reports! Optional Alerts can be configured to proactively notify you of events that could impact your business.

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Reduce Dispatcher Call Volume

Automate Busywork and Save Time

The Spruce load scheduler (dispatch control panel) helps organize deliveries easily using drag and drop capabilities.

Drivers can obtain a signature as proof of delivery and take pictures of the material drop that automatically ties to the sale. You can also send notifications to customers via email or text to let them know their delivery status.

GPS tracks your trucks, giving feedback on its location. Receive overweight truck alerts and improve efficiency with printed, bar-coded manifest documents for delivery drivers.

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Improve Productivity and Communication

Access Your Data From Anywhere

Spruce helps you manage your business on the go, whether on the shop floor or a remote location. Spruce AnyWare is a mobile application for your employees, and ProLink is a mobile app for your customers. Both apps improve efficiency and communication within your business and help position you as a customer-focused organization.

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Marketing & Customer Loyalty Tools

Retain Customers and Attract New Business

Customer Satisfaction Impacts Your Bottom Line

Smaller, independent organizations have a fraction of the marketing budget of their big box competitors, so customer satisfaction and loyalty have an even greater impact.

Spruce has many ways to help you retain customers and capture a greater share of wallet, without busting your marketing budget. Features include the ability to create your own promotional signage, offer customers flexible installment payments, and create your own loyalty program.

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Manufacturing & Millwork

Track Profitability of Your Manufacturing Process

Maintain Consistent and Measurable Practices

Whether you hang doors, mull windows, fabricate trusses, stairs or wall panels, or just assemble a few odds and ends, Spruce’s Manufacturing module has you covered. Use it to automate your process and properly track costs so your shop isn’t the excuse for adjusting entries and low margins.

With Spruce, you can maintain consistent manufacturing practices and determine whether specific manufactured items are helping or hurting your bottom line.

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Installed Sales

Manage All Aspects of Your Installed Sales

Integrated Module Eliminates Manual Tracking

All the aspects of an installed sale are integrated in Spruce. You can ticket items on departure or return and extra materials can be added to the original order, or a separate order can be placed and linked to the original sale.

Estimated vs. actual values (Materials, Labor, Tax, Billing, Collection) are collected and analyzed to show profit, so you can accurately measure the profitability of this important department.

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Efficiently Manage Your Rentals Business

No Expensive Add-on Solution Needed

Manage this branch of your business more efficiently within the confines of your Spruce system. It's easy to create reservations and set the rates on your terms.

You can seamlessly sell add-on items and collect deposits. Plus, you can account for late returns or items that are returned damaged. The integrated calendar ensures everyone has accurate rental availability.

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Fixed Asset Tracking & Depreciation

Report on Status of Long-Term Assets

Track, Depreciate, and Create Ledger Entries

Properly account for your trucks, machinery, buildings, or other assets without using spreadsheets or a separate, specialized software. You can even attach each asset's related documents including insurance, registration, inspections, maintenance, taxes, and more!

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Focused For Your Industry
  • Lumber & Building Materials Dealers
  • Hardware Stores & Home Centers
  • Kitchen & Bath Showrooms
  • Tile & Flooring Supply Stores
  • Masonry, Brick, & Concrete Suppliers
  • Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC Suppliers
  • Window, Door, & Millwork Showrooms
  • Lawn & Garden Supply
  • Farm, Ranch & Pet Supply Dealers
  • Other Suppliers
Owner/Managing Director


Owner/Managing Director

With Spruce, order fulfillment, sales, delivery, inventory, and accounting are seamless. Plus, detailed reports and graphical analytics help me make better business decisions.

Spruce makes my business more efficient because:

  • It's easy to use, so my employees are more productive and seasonal staff can immediately help customers
  • Mobile apps offer 24/7/365 access and we use tablets, so no one is tied to a work station
  • Information is at our fingertips, so employees can spend more time with customers.

Everything we need is included with Spruce, and since it’s cloud-based we don’t need expensive servers or extra IT people to run the system!

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Accounting Managers


Accounting Managers

With Spruce, we don’t need to manually input data into separate systems. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, rebate tracking, and the general ledger are included so all our data is connected.

Document management saves me hours because:

  • All transactions link to accounts which means I’m not on the phone or looking through emails and paper files to find the documents I need
  • I can email statements and invoices, saving me time and money on paper and postage
  • Data is real-time, so I always have accurate information on accounts

With Spruce’s comprehensive accounting features, I can finally work normal hours again!

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Purchasing & Inventory Manager


Purchasing & Inventory Manager

Before Spruce, placing orders and managing inventory was incredibly time-consuming. Now our procurement process is easy with seamless vendor communications (EDI) with co-ops and suppliers.

We improved our purchasing, receiving, and inventory processes through:

  • Automated ordering which saves us time
  • Establishing minimum/maximum stock levels to automatically determine order quantities and reduce shelf space needs
  • A better special order process with integrated tracking ensures items are delivered

Now we stock the right inventory, which drastically improved our cash flow and bottom line.

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Customer Service & Sales


Customer Service & Sales

Using Spruce point of sale, I can give customers a positive experience that keeps them coming back. All account and product information is at my fingertips, so I can immediately answer customer questions.

I help create satisfied, loyal customers by:

  • Quickly answering questions and placing orders based on previous purchases
  • Printing, emailing, or faxing invoices right from the POS as part of the transaction
  • Easily creating special orders to help customers while growing sales

Plus, I can use a mobile tablet to process a customer order from the sales floor or even out in the field. Spruce point of sale gives me the tools I need to exceed customer expectations.

Demo Spruce

Since 1985, Spruce software has been an engine of growth for builders merchants.

Read about Spruce's legacy of industry-leading technology

Since 1985, Spruce® software has been an engine of growth for LBM businesses. Nineteen dealers launched the company when they realized the potential for technology that could streamline their LBM operations. They developed the original full-featured UNIX-based SprucePlus, and as market leaders continually enhanced the software until the acquisition of Anasys Windows® based software in 2000. This was the catalyst for developing SpruceWare.NET, the industry’s most advanced and easy-to-use software, based on the Microsoft®.NET framework.

Years of consistent client growth prompted Spruce’s acquisition in 2015 by ECI Software Solutions. With their resources, Spruce added cloud-based access, state-of-the-art features, mobility applications, and cross-platform functionality.

Today, Spruce empowers more than 16,000 users and is managed by a team of industry experts that remain dedicated to supporting the profitable growth of lumber and building materials businesses through superior technology and customer service.

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Add-On Solutions

An end-to-end business management system that makes your entire operation more productive.

Spruce is a completely integrated solution that supports every aspect of your business from point of sale to delivery and everything in between—your business will operate more efficiently and grow! Plus, these useful add-on features can help take you to the next level.



Work from your phone or tablet.

Take your business on the go


Take Your Business Anywhere!

AnyWare is a mobile extension of your Spruce system. Use it to create customer orders, access business information, compile purchase orders, view documents and track deliveries.

Your delivery drivers can get digital signatures on orders, or take a photo to show proof of delivery. Plus, your customers can track their deliveries if they have the ProLink mobile app.

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Easy Signage

Create in-house promotional signage.

Save time and drive sales

Easy Signage

Save Time and Eliminate Errors

Easy Signage automatically pulls sale prices from your system making it easy to create promotional signs that you print in-house.

In-store signage helps you promote sales on special items and communicate other important information with retail customers. You can create signs in a variety of sizes and orientations, and seamlessly print from any connected laser printer.

Ask us how to start using Easy Signage today!

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Rent to Own

Offer flexible installment payments.

Expand your base of loyal customers

Rent to Own

Set Up and Bill Installment Accounts Within the System

The Spruce Rent to Own feature will help you gain new long-term customers by giving them the freedom to “pay as they go” on more expensive purchases.

Rent to Own can help you grow sales and widen your customer base by providing flexible buying options. You can easily manage installment payments using amortized or flat-rate interest, which helps you increase customer share of wallet.

Ready to expand your base of loyal customers?

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Increase customer loyalty and sales.

Create your own rewards program


Loyal Customers Improve Your Bottom Line!

RewardsPlus allows you to enhance customer loyalty and grow sales by rewarding purchases with points! These points can then be used as a payment method in Spruce or exported to a spreadsheet for complete reward flexibility. Options to reward customers are only limited by your imagination.

Foster customer loyalty with RewardsPlus!

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ProLink Mobile App

Account access for your customers.

Empower customers, build loyalty

ProLink Mobile App

On-Demand Shopping, Account Info, and Delivery Scheduling

Spruce ProLink is available in your browser or on devices for Android and Apple®. Showcase your inventory and enable customers to place orders, submit quotes, and receive confirmation in real-time.

ProLink is an e-tailing solution that differentiates your business, increases sales, and builds customer loyalty.

Ready to empower your customers and build loyalty?

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POS Assured

Process front-counter sales in an emergency.

Keep your business going offline

POS Assured

Keep Your Business Going Offline

POS Assured is an offline option that allows you to process emergency front counter sale transactions and print receipts when access to your cloud-based system is unavailable due to store internet connectivity, power outages, or other temporary connection issues.

Rest easy knowing that your sales data will synchronize with your business system once back online, with no missed transactions or duplicates!

Learn how you can process sales in an emergency.
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Payment Processing

Protect customer information.

NET1 integrated payment technology

Payment Processing

Protect Your Customers' Credit Card Information

Spruce has a secure payment process, allowing customers to keep a credit card on file, and ensure that their card info is protected.

With integrated credit card processing, you eliminate the potential for discrepancies between your merchant totals and data in your system—no need to rekey credit card sales into your business system. The software can also handle the latest mobile payment technology*, helping you serve a new generation of customers!

With more than 100,000 merchants, NET1 is ECI’s preferred credit card processor. Guaranteeing the lowest overall processing costs, ECI customers typically save anywhere from $50–$300 per month when they switch to NET1.**

Visit NET1

*Mobile payment options include Apply Pay, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay, and NFC. Available on some integrations. Ask for details. Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. ** Certain capabilities and features may vary depending on your program. Contact your account manager for details.


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