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Stop wasting time, money, and resources on outdated and generic systems and methods. You need a secure, easy-to-use ERP designed by industry pros. Spruce business management software can help you transform and grow your business.

Make better business decisions

Get vital business insight quickly. Merging data from multiple spreadsheets and software systems takes time and accuracy. You need powerful reporting software that brings your important key performance indicators front and center. Spruce helps you make better business decisions with advanced reporting and documenting features.

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Retain customers and attract new business

Compete with big box national chains. Just because you have a fraction of their marketing budget doesn't mean you can't increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Spruce has advanced features specifically for your industry to help you retain customers and capture a greater share of wallet without breaking your marketing budget.

Empower customers to shop how they want

Grow your business online with an easy-to-use, professional ecommerce website. Today, builders and consumers want to research and shop at their convenience, but creating an effective site is overwhelming. Industry-specific Spruce add-ons like eCommonSense help you offer a better digital experience for your customers.


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Hickory Home and Garden

“Not only do we have more time to spend on what’s really important for the business, but now we can be confident that we’re protected against ransomware attacks, spyware, viruses, and all the other online threats out there.”

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