Connecting Printanista directly to your e-automate system means you have bi-directional synchronization and can choose what you want to map.

Accurate, reliable data straight to your ERP

Keep track of meters

Meters are sent directly from Printanista to e-automate. By sharing not only the volume of print but what was printed, by whom, and when, the number of questions regarding your regular cost-per-copy or MPS invoices is reduced.

Create service tickets instantly

Automatically create service tickets from your service or maintenance alerts generated from Printanista. Simplifying every step of our service delivery to customers ensures you can meet your SLAs.

Order from preferred vendors

Whether your sales team contracts are based on automated supply fulfillment or supply-triggered sales, you will have the right inventory delivered at the right time.

Understand your contracts

Automate your invoices based on accurate meter reads, streamline your supplies delivery, and improve your service first-call success rate to build your margins.

Streamline your business processes

Having a fully integrated, end-to-end solution means you can implement robust processes and workflows within your organization to streamline and provide the necessary efficiencies for scale and growth.

How can we make it easier for you to do business?