Feature-Rich Print Management Software

Manage an entire print environment, regardless of the manufacturer. Printanista provides powerful functionality that reduces the complexity of supporting your customers’ diverse print environments.

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Broaden your service offerings

Collect critical data to make informed business decisions. Our data collection agent records data from multi-functional printing devices to power your MPS platform. With the cross-platform DCA, you can broaden your scope to less traditional customers.

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Create reports that meet your needs

Automatically generate the reports you need to manage your customers' print environments more effectively. Printanista lets you choose from a selection of out-of-the-box reports that can be customized to meet your needs, and schedule the reports hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

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Proactively manage print devices

Increase device uptime, reduce inventory, and improve your first call success rate. With Printanista, you can develop proactive supplies and service programs with custom status alerts based on various events, thresholds, triggers, or error codes.

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Enhance data accuracy across all devices

Focus on driving business growth. Our relationships with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) provides you with unparalleled device information. Eliminate the complexity of managing multi-vendor print environments and build your MPS program with our single tool for accurate data collection, reporting, and ease of use.

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Capitalize on system integrations

Connect Printanista directly to your e-automate system to leverage a two-way synchronization. Choose what you want to map from all your devices and customers to devices on contract or those with meters due for billing. You can even create alerts for days-to-empty (EDTE) or supply level and have that alert trigger an order through e-automate. It’s that simple!

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Simplify your customer’s print workflow

Maximize your customers’ full potential. Our user print management tool will help your customers reduce the cost of document output, increase their document security practices, and provide flexible cost recovery methods. With a simplified installation process, your customers can quickly see all their print information in one location, allowing them to reduce costs by understanding every document they produce.

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