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Print Management Software

Manage all of your print devices in one place.

Streamline your Managed Print Services offerings.

FMAudit and PrintFleet are both designed to capture, store, and analyze critical printing data from most major manufacturers. The flexible subscription-based, scalable, cloud-based service model seamlessly connects with your e-automate ERP with no up-front investment in hardware, software, or IT resources.

Device Management Features

Get Insight into Your MIF

Create Reports to Meet Your Needs

Automatically generate the reports you need to better manage your customers' print environments. Choose from a selection of out-of-the box reports or build custom reports to get the data you need. Schedule reports hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure your team has the information they need when they need it.

Build QBR reports to review with your customers and help them stay on track with their print goals.

Get the visibility you need today!

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Improve Service and Supply Delivery

Proactively Manage Print Devices

Develop proactive supplies and service programs by creating status alerts based on event and occurrence thresholds, triggers, standard and vendor error codes, and even LCD screen text.

Generate a single alert to notify you at event start and event end and use occurrence thresholds to help avoid sending your technician out for trivial issues, allowing for better management of the customer environment. Increase device up-time, reduce inventory, and improve your first-call success rate.

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Data Collection

Easily Monitor Devices

Remotely Monitor Customer Print Environments

The Data Collection Agent (DCA) can be installed on a non-dedicated server, at a client location, or reside in the firmware of a device. For devices that are not on a network, ECI’s Local Print Agent (LPA) offers the ability to track printing from locally connected print devices by collecting information directly from the device.

Collect critical meter, performance, and supply-level data from multi-functional printing devices to power your MPS program. Accurately bill your customers for pages printed, supplies, and service.

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Device Agnostic

Manage Your Entire Fleet

Get Accurate Data on All Devices

ECI’s relationships with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) provides unparalleled device information and continuous growth of our extensive model database.

Eliminate the complexity of managing multi-vendor print environments. Build your MPS program with a single tool for accurate data collection, reporting, and ease of use.

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We gather both public and private MIB information from most major manufacturers including:

Focused For Your Industry
  • Office Equipment Dealers
  • Value-add Resellers
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Managed IT Field Service Providers
Device Management Manual Meter Reads
Still doing manual meter reads?

Get fast, accurate information

Still doing manual meter reads?

Our data collection agent (DCA) provides users with flexible deployment options, reduces operational costs, and simplifies device management. The low-cost design allows you to monitor more devices and this flexibility enables you to proactively manage supplies and reduce your service costs.

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Device Management Inventory Control
Inventory out of control?

Get just-in-time delivery alerts

Inventory out of control?

Estimated Days to Empty (EDTE) is a prediction of the date/time that a given supply will reach an empty state. Enabling you to alert on this value is the first step toward providing more predictive analytics in device monitoring. Using EDTE, you can order your supplies from any number of preferred vendors to be drop-shipped to your customers' locations.

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Device Management e automate
Is your data disconnected?

keep data in one place

Is your data disconnected?

Connect to e-automate®and streamline every step of your managed print services offering.

From accounting and contracts to inventory, purchasing, sales, and customer service, e automate software removes the need for disparate systems, streamlines critical daily processes, and provides real-time visibility into every area of a service driven organization. E-automate seamlessly blends its core solution, add-on products, and supplier integrations to provide your business with a single, end-to-end management and information system.

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EA Persona Profitable Contracts
Profitable MPS contracts?

Gain visibility into contracts

Profitable MPS contracts?

Understand which contracts, down to the device level, are profitable and which are costing you money. Automate your invoices based on accurate meter reads, streamline your supplies delivery, and improve your service first-call success rate to build your margins.

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Since 2005, ECI has been a leader in managed print services.

Read about our ongoing commitment to the industry

From detailed involvement in ERP systems to intimate knowledge of device management and data collection you can profit from our insight.

Working directly with original equipment manufacturers ensures that ECI maintains cutting-edge technology and the largest model database in the industry. We recognize that in many environments, there are legacy print, and imaging devices that need to be managed. Our extensive database of more than 25,000 device models allows us to maintain and manage the most diverse fleets in the field.

ECI has a strong history of innovation in meter collection, customized supply and service notification, and other managed print technologies. Our track record of industry leadership proves that you can rely on ECI to continue to deliver.

Add-on Solutions

Add-ons and integrations streamline service and operations efficiency.

Free up your time to focus on what matters most—your customers.

EA Add On User Management

User Management

Intelligent print management tools

User Management

User Management is ECI’s print user management solution, providing intelligent print management tools that reduce the cost of document output, increase document security, and provide flexible cost recovery methods.

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Job BOSS Integrations Sage50


Easy proposal creation


Enable sales representatives to quickly and easily create proposals for prospects and customers, pulling usage data from our device management solutions. A salesperson can create a proposal with the current state of device data including accessories, service costs, and usage. QuickDeal then sources equipment upgrades from the database to meet the customer’s objectives and automatically generates a total cost of ownership with a proposal that compares expenses and value in the current state with the proposed state.

Ensure you have everything you need to close the deal and be profitable!

Device Management e automate


Business management software


If you sell, service, and support technology products e-automate® business management software is your one-stop source to keep track of all your serialized devices.

From accounting and contracts to inventory, purchasing, sales, and customer service, e-automate software that removes the need for disparate systems, streamlines critical daily processes, and provides real-time visibility into every area of a service driven organization. E-automate seamlessly blends its core solution, add-on products, and supplier integrations to provide your business with a single, end-to-end management and information system.

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Device Management Mobile Mapping


Device location viewer


Now available on its own or within FMAudit® software and products from PrintFleet®, MobileMapping not only gives you a bird’s eye view of your customers’ devices, it will change the way you see sales and service. Using a mobile device in the field, MobileMapping shows you exactly where each machine is located. Increase efficiency by mapping devices to your customers’ unique floor plans.

  • Optimize cost-per-click (CPC) counts by identifying and mapping all contracted devices
  • Protect against toner swapping by optimizing non-reporting devices
  • Drive sales by identifying over- and under-utilized machines
  • Get detailed information on consumables, service history, and alerts with one-touch access
  • Uncover hidden opportunities for increased total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Ensure that contracted devices are the only devices being replenished and serviced
RF Persona Acsellerate

Acsellerate CRM

Easy customer insight

Acsellerate CRM

In the office or the field, Acsellerate® CRM increases customer retention, maximizes sales from existing customers, and builds an effective pipeline. Integrating with your e-automate software, critical account, lead, and contact information is at your fingertips. In a few clicks, you can:

  • View details specifically for e-automate customers
  • Monitor your expiring leases and contracts
  • View current meter readings as well as 3, 6, and 12-month average volumes
  • Customize user group or individual privileges to effectively manage critical data and exporting capabilities
  • Create an on-demand modular business review for customers (part of the Hosted CRM version) review customer history, open tasks, see overdue activities, and view appointment

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