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 Automate marketing campaigns

Designed from the ground up as home building sales software, the MarkSystems® Sales and CRM module enables sales managers to create unlimited marketing campaigns and manage customer relationships. They can automatically apply CRM tasks to individual customers based on unique characteristics.


With this powerful CRM project management system, sales managers can automatically generate follow-up letters, emails, postcards, and phone calls—virtually any type of prospect or customer communication. Of course, every template can be customized right down to the individual using the program.

Get a holistic view of all aspects of sales and marketing

Through the MarkSystems Sales and CRM module, your team gains an unprecedented view into sales activity, the products you offer, and the performance of sales personnel. There is no more need for compiling traffic reports or sales analyses; all prospect, traffic, and sales information is now available in real-time from anywhere in the world, securely and accurately!

With MarkSystems, you and your staff can instantly review marketing effectiveness, traffic and demographic trends, and even pro-forma analyses of sales contracts (below). You can even determine the profit made on each option sale! 

Get your change order or contracts signed virtually simply by emailing to homeowner or homebuyer with DocuSign


Automate time-consuming marketing tasks and boost metrics across the board

Give your customers the best possible buying experience while improving your conversion rates, reducing time-to-sale, and increasing per-sale profit. Combining all sales functions into one easy-to-use module, MarkSystems Sales CRM lets sales professionals:

  • Store and track every lead, along with unlimited source and demographic information
  • Automatically follow up with leads from many marketing campaigns
  • Generate mass email, letter, and postcard campaigns
  • Track every communication with every prospect, and enable sales to engage at pivotal junctures
  • Build digital versions of prospects’ homes, complete with option selections, upgrades, and custom changes
  • Instantly generate every sales document accurately and effortlessly (i.e., addenda, change orders, and additional contracts)

Empower sales to optimize profitability in real-time while working with homebuyers

Give your staff the confidence to work through complex structural selections in real-time with the homebuyer. Since MarkSystems’ Sales and CRM modules are integrated with the other functions in the software, you never have to question the availability of an option or wait for answers to customers’ pricing questions.

With this module, you have real-time option management. Sales professionals can now provide pricing information directly to buyers as they review options for elevations, appliances, flooring, architectural details, and more. This feature is a must-have when dealing with value-conscious buyers. Pricing information and the options catalog can be updated whenever needed so that it's always accurate. 

Save time with fully integrated document retrieval

Never search for a document again! The MarkSystems’ Sales and CRM module are fully integrated with the Document Management functionality, so can get all your information from one system. 

Store executed contracts and change orders, plans, images, drawings, markups, letters, and emails. All of these files are attached directly to the customer file and available right on your desktop.

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The bottom line: MarkSystems’ Sales and CRM module delivers the tools sales personnel need to track and manage leads, communicate with prospects, and convert them into customers.

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