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ITK for trade associates, subcontractors, and suppliers

Since much of the information accumulated in MarkSystems is crucial for construction projects, trade associates, subcontractors, and suppliers also have personalized access to the database through Internet ToolKit on their own dashboard.

The ITK portal allows these parties to streamline their operations by:

  • Viewing real-time scheduling across all jobs/communities
  • Instantly accessing purchasing documents
  • Seeing payment approvals and check details
  • Managing warranty service and scheduling
  • Tracking quality inspections and improving scores
  • Instantly viewing and downloading all job documents
  • Planning sets and markups
  • Reviewing job starts with selection detail, specifications, scopes of work, and more

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The bottom line: Internet ToolKit project management keeps subcontractors and suppliers up-to-date; saving them time while reducing costs and improving cash flow.

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