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Residential construction project management

Running a construction project has never been easier!

MarkSystems® Internet ToolKit (ITK) is fully integrated, cloud-based project management created specifically for home building. It helps you manage your construction projects and subcontractors by providing instantaneous, real-time updates that flow directly from sales to production. That means there is no need for nightly information updates or synchronization processes. Team members, subcontractors, and homebuyers alike can access pertinent information on their mobile phones or tablets. All information is consistent across the project and up to date!

Wonderland Homes uses ITK to manage relationships and projects with trade partners


What are the benefits of using ITK for residential construction project management?

  • Accuracy—selection, purchasing, and scheduling information all flow directly from sales
  • Increased sales—capture prospect information directly from your existing marketing website using Prospect Registration pages
  • Instant communication—any changes made to a schedule or order are available immediately through the standard web interface or ITK, in the office or in the field; change orders are communicated before they become a problem
  • Remote access—superintendents, construction managers, and warranty service representatives can access updated information while in the field
  • Confidence—you’ll know exactly what information has been received, when it was checked, and by whom
  • Lower costs—eliminate mailing, copying, collating, and distributing costs; accurate sales-driven purchasing documents eliminate 80% of variances
  • Wide device compatibility—the mobile web portal is accessible through any internet-enabled device including iPad®, iPhone®, and Windows® mobile digital devices, and devices for Android, tablets, and HP®, Dell, Acer®, Samsung®, and Chromebook notebook computers
  • Improved construction quality—QA checklists are built directly into the schedules, coupled with sales-driven purchasing documents, to ensure the job is done right the first time; this eliminates field errors and callbacks
  • Higher satisfaction—improved communication with homebuyers, homeowners, and trade associates means a better relationship and improved satisfaction levels

ITK project management ensures you sell only what you can build, and build only what you can sell

Review job starts and change orders, request VPOs, update schedules, more

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Vendors can access needed information on your site through personalized dashboards

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Reach buyers online and start the purchasing process through your website

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Homebuyers and homeowners can track all transactions through their own dashboard

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Capture customer selections on any web-enabled device while staff walks model homes or design centers

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The bottom line: Internet ToolKit project management keeps subcontractors and suppliers up-to-date, saving them time while reducing costs and improving cash flow.

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