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MarkSystems enables homebuilders to make quick, accurate cost estimates

How much does it cost to build a house? The ability to answer this question accurately and immediately is vital to every function of a homebuilders’ business, from sales to supplier management. That’s why every successful homebuilder today relies on proven construction cost estimating software.

Residential construction estimating software is a standard feature in MarkSystems® that allows homebuilders to develop accurate job estimates quickly and easily, using a multitude of methods.

Developed specifically for semi-custom and production home builders, MarkSystems is a single-platform enterprise software product that uses a product-based orientation to pre-define costs at both base house and option levels. This begins with a budget, which is the basis for the residential construction cost estimating portion of the software.

Generate estimates in multiple ways

With MarkSystems Residential Construction Estimating Software, estimates can be generated to suit each individual homebuilder’s need and the type of home being built. For example, historical data can be used to generate an estimate in seconds. Data for estimates can also be imported from Excel® or from any CAD product.

Automate supplier bidding and pricing

Once the initial estimate is defined, MarkSystems’ residential construction estimating software lets builders formalize the estimate by automatically generating bid worksheets for every trade involved in construction. The software then automatically generates and sends supplier price requests. Bid worksheets and price requests can also be posted automatically to the vendor portal in the Internet ToolKit, reducing effort and ensuring consistency across all trades.

Bid worksheets and supplier price lists can be imported into MarkSystems through a simple copy/paste to eliminate redundancy and data entry effort. Because you are leveraging a single system, when you accept bids and supplier pricing, your product level master budgets are automatically updated. This means that simply by using the building cost estimator, the system always knows the exact cost of the next new construction project.

Empower sales teams with accurate estimates

Since every user shares information in the same system, sales and design consultants use up-to-the-minute information for selections and pricing. This enables them to configure a home in real-time, as they sell to the customer, which results in a valuable opportunity to build incremental profits into every home sale.

Once the sale is accepted, job estimates are created automatically based on the configuration agreed on by the customer and defined by the sales team. The configuration is coupled with product estimates defined within Mark Systems’ residential construction estimating software for a complete and accurate final estimate for construction.

See it in action

Request your personalized demo to see how MarkSystems Home Construction Cost Estimating Software can create accurate build estimates and automate the bid process.

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