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Increase profitability per home while improving the homebuyer’s experience

Give your customers the best possible buying experience while improving your option and upgrade sales, reducing the length of appointment times, and increasing per-sale profit. The MarkSystems® Design Center & Option Selection software module gives design professionals the tools they need to track and manage customer appointments, communicate with buyers, and maximize design selection sales. 

Give sales teams and buyers the flexibility to request options during home construction

MarkSystems’ Design Center & Option Selection module features the Custom Option Estimator, a unique function that allows sales personnel, design consultants, and sales managers to request and track all types of custom options. Unusual light fixtures and flooring options, stonework in elevations, and complex structural changes like additional rooms can be ordered. 

With this homebuilder design center software, the customer’s experience extends far beyond the model home and design center—it goes right into their living room!

Personalize and customize the experience—and the home—for each buyer!

Every homebuyer gets a secure, personalized web portal that allows them to view the selections they’ve made, follow the construction process, and even make selections during construction. At any point in the process, each homebuyer can see nearly unlimited information about the house including:

  • Every selection made, with colors and styles
  • Available selections based on construction stage
  • Option photos, images, plans, and videos
  • The construction status in detail, summary or both
  • Copies of executed sales documents, plans, markups, and more
  • Photos to show construction progress

Facilitate flawless communications between all parties involved in the design process

The module’s innovative Custom Option Estimator enables instant communication between the buyer/salesperson, the design center, and the purchasing and estimating departments. It allows sales to work with buyers in determining their needs and to present detailed, accurate estimates for custom options, along with sales prices and expiration dates. Email notifications of approval or rejection for custom selections are automatically sent to sales and design personnel to ensure clear communication. The Custom Option Estimator enables:

  • Greater incremental options and builder profitability for each home sold
  • Accurate information to be delivered to purchasing and estimating departments
  • Higher customer satisfaction rates

Maximize the time frame buyers have to explore, learn about, and select options

MarkSystems’ complete homebuilders' design center software solution shows every option available for every house, at every stage of construction. Selection rules are user-defined, including:

  • Restrictions on sales office and design center option availability
  • Multi-level option availability by project, model, elevation, and stage of construction
  • Real-time option pricing, style/color selection, and images
  • Variable upgrade pricing
  • Mortgage impact calculation on any option or upgrade
  • Custom option requests to immediately notify sales
  • Purchasing/estimating, tracking progress and delivering notifications when the request is complete

Empower design center professionals to deliver a world-class homebuyer experience

By combining all functions into one easy-to-use module, the MarkSystems Design Center & Option Selection module enables design professionals to:

  • Schedule and manage design appointments for any buyer in any development
  • View all correspondence, contacts, notes, and selections associated with any homebuyer
  • See the selected options and upgrades for every buyer
  • Instantly display currently available selections for the specific model and elevation for each buyer, based on stage of construction
  • Provide pricing feedback in real-time as options are selected 
  • Make and display selections in the gallery with the homebuyer, and have accurate sales documents printed and when finished

See it in action!

The bottom line: Because it uses a single, enterprise-wide database, the MarkSystems Design Center & Option Selection module is a complete solution for sales personnel and designers. It helps you manage the design and selections processes with instant access to every piece of sales information, improving option and upgrade sales, reducing appointment times, and increasing per-sale profit.

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